Top 5 Reasons You Need a Drone

Wondering what to put on your holiday wish list this year? For me, putting together a wish list is a bit of a struggle every year because I have everything I need! Thankfully, there’s always a gadget or two that I really want and this year drones top that list. With these gadgets becoming more reasonably priced, they’ve definitely become more attractive to amateur or hobbyist consumers. If you’ve never considered owning one, here are five reasons you might want to add one of these gadgets to your wish list this year:


1. To Capture Stunning Footage


Of course capturing stunning video footage seems like an obvious reason to buy a drone, but take some time to imagine the possibilities! Imagine being able to capture incredible landscape footage on your next family hike, camping trip, or vacation. This footage gives you a unique perspective of your surroundings that is simple awe-inspiring.


2. To Give Your Photography an Edge


These days everyone is a photographer thanks to their smartphone and while those who are truly creative can still capture compelling images, it’s definitely more challenging to stand out. If you enjoy photography or run a photography business, a drone might be a natural next step or a great new tool to add to your arsenal. Like aerial video, aerial photographs provide a fresh, unique perspective. They also set you apart from the crowd as a photographer while offering a new challenge.


3. For Fun!


Unless you’re a professional aerial photographer or videographer you probably don’t really NEED a drone. In this case, the best reason I can think of to get one is: just for fun! It might sound like a silly reason but flying a drone is a lot of fun and seeing your flying skills improve over time can be exceptionally satisfying. If you’re looking for a new hobby, I definitely recommend taking a drone for a spin.


4. To Become a Drone Racing Champion


You might not be aware of this but drone racing is becoming quite popular—there’s even a drone-racing league! During drone races, the competitors stand side by side and race their devices through preset courses, often taking place in abandoned buildings or outdoor racetracks. FPV, or First Person View, allows the competitors to live-stream the drone footage and maneuver the device through the course. Thanks to FPV, racing almost feels like a video game.


5. To Win at Social Media


Want to build a social media following on a channel like Instagram? With so many users posting photos on social media, it can be difficult to cut through the noise and gain followers. These days, building a following definitely takes more than posting your standard selfies, but what if you posted aerial selfies? This is where things definitely get a little more interesting and it becomes easier to stand out.

By Mike Agerbo

November 22, 2016