Creative ways to keep track of memories

Taking photos and capturing special moments has never been easier. When you have your smartphone on hand, which many of us do most of the time, you're never away from a camera. Technology has made it convenient to record your memories and it’s also easier than ever for anyone to be creative. Although snapping photos has become second nature to most, more often than not, you end up with a digital album of photos that are never seen or used. There are many ways though that you could actually use and display these snapshots in an original and memorable way.

Photos and special events are a married match. Whether you are celebrating a friend's birthday, spending time with family or enjoying a class picnic in the park, capturing these moments ensures you can always keep them close to your heart.

Creativity is important, especially if you're a student. Most of the time, hard work and projects get tossed in the garbage after they are graded and returned. A good way to make sure that effort and talent is never wasted is by taking photos every time you complete something. When the year concludes, you can gather your most prized photos and create a photo book highlighting your year's work. A photo book is a good way to remember what you've accomplished and to always have something to be proud of. If you're a college or university student, it can be a good addition to your portfolio as you leave school and start applying for jobs.

There are countless ways to create thoughtful gifts with photos and have fun while doing it. Just dream it and Staples can help you do it. Put a different spin on game nights with your friends or family by turning your favourite group photo into a puzzle, or even a deck of cards. For a gag gift, use a funny photo that is sure to get a few laughs.

If you want to do something nice for the teacher who is always going the extra mile, Staples can also help. Why not turn the class photo into a thoughtful gift by printing it on a mug, magnet, or t-shirt. It's easy to put your imagination to use and create!

An easy and convenient way to store photos is by arranging them by occasion in different coloured folders or in one folder with separate compartments. Why not take your creative eye further, and decorate the covers! Designating one place to store them all makes it easy to locate, ensuring nothing is ever misplaced. A clear plastic storage bin is a good organizational tool to store all the folders. The more adventures you have, the bigger the bin of memories.

Treasure and keep track of your memories in a way that suits you, whether that means getting creative or sticking with a traditional approach of a simple photo album. Whatever you choose, make sure that no photos go to waste, and no memory is forgotten.

By Michelle Janzso

August 04, 2016

Staples Canada