Back to School Tech for Gamers

If you’re investing in new tech for a student this back to school, consider what he or she likes to do during down time before springing for devices geared strictly towards productivity. While it might be tempting to look for devices dedicated to productivity in an effort to keep students focused, the reality is that you might just find yourself having to shell out for additional devices to accommodate their interests as well. Especially when it comes to gamers, consider purchasing a device and accessories that are suited both to gaming and productivity in order to maximize your investment and the student’s desk space.


Primary Device

When it comes to primary device, I recommend looking for a gaming laptop. These devices are usually quite powerful when it comes to graphics and performance, making them great dual-purpose devices. This year, the ASUS ROG Gaming Laptop has stolen the show when it comes to budget-friendly gaming devices. Starting at just under $1,400, the ROG has a powerful Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB of RAM, and 1TB of storage. What this adds up to is a powerful device that will not only meet the demands of gaming but also exceed those of schoolwork. The display and graphics card are also top notch for this price range.


One thing you’ll have to keep in mind when purchasing a gaming laptop is that you’ll often end up with a heftier device than if you only had productivity in mind. The ROG, for example, is a 15.6-inch device, which certainly makes it look and feel less portable than the 11 and 13-inch laptops we’ve grown so fond of. That being said, the size of these devices is designed to accommodate more power and a bigger display, both of which are essential to a great gaming experience. It’s also worth noting that the battery life on these devices tends to be much shorter when they’re used for gaming because it requires more processing power.


Secondary Monitor

Purchasing a secondary monitor can enhance both gaming and schoolwork for students. When it comes to schoolwork, a secondary monitor allows them to work on two screens at once, researching in one screen while writing in the other. This eliminates the need to continually swap back and forth between windows. When it comes to gaming, a bigger monitor can make the experience more immersive and some games even support multi-monitor setups by giving the player two different views. If you’re purchasing a secondary monitor with a gamer in mind, try something like the BenQ XL2730Z—it’s not the cheapest option but it displays a great quality image.



While you might think that the biggest differentiating feature when it comes to mice and keyboards is wired vs. wireless, there’s a lot more to these peripherals for gamers. When it comes to mice, gamers prefer gaming mice with less lag. In other words, these mice react to the user’s input much more quickly. They are also much more precise and have features that allow the user to go from really fast motions to very controlled ones.


Gaming keyboards tend to be more ergonomic and have extra keys, higher quality parts, and backlighting. All of these features work to enhance the gaming experience.


Again, if you’re planning on purchasing these devices anyway and you’re shopping for a student who enjoys gaming, I recommend looking into gaming mice and keyboards to maximize your investment. It’s best to shop for these together with their intended user to ensure that the ergonomics are right.

By Mike Agerbo

July 19, 2016