Day Trips For the Kids This Summer

As the summer approaches, your kids will probably be looking for some fun and exciting activities to enjoy. Summer can be busy for parents, and you may not have time to take a long vacation. However, there are some day trips you can plan for your family that will make the summer one to remember. Here are a few attractions that your kids may enjoy.

Day At The Park

Find a park you’ve never been too, and take your family for a day trip where you can enjoy nature without spending a fortune. The park is the perfect place for you to go hiking, walking or bike riding. You can also have a picnic. If you want to extend the day trip, you can bring along a tent and sleeping bags and have a short camping vacation if there’s a campground nearby.

Trip To The Museum

If there are interesting museums near you, take the kids for a day of educational entertainment. A children’s museum with interactive exhibits is a great choice, or you can check to see if local museums have a day that is devoted to kid-friendly exhibits. Depending on the age of your children, you can make a whole day out of the museum experience by taking them out to lunch and creating a craft that relates to the museum tour. For instance, if you’ve visited a museum that showcases french history, you can have lunch at a bistro, then help your children create their own masterpieces with finger paints. Don’t forget to take lots of pictures during your day trip, so you can add them to your scrapbook.

The Zoo

If your children are animal lovers, a day trip to the zoo is the perfect summer outing. You can make the trip more interesting by going on a day when there’s a special tour or exhibit. Some zoos also have special days for children. The zoo may also have a restaurant with dishes that are both fun and educational, which makes the day trip even more worthwhile.

Amusement Park

If an amusement park is within an hour or two of your home, you can pack up the kids and spend the day riding roller coasters and meeting their favorite cartoon or movie characters. Some amusement parks offer discounts when visiting with a group. You may also want to take advantage of a season pass if you’ll be visiting the amusement park more than one time this summer. If there isn’t an amusement park near your city, you can take the children to the local fair to take advantage of the rides and taste some of the foods that you’ll only find at the fair.

Beach Vacation 

You can spend a day at the beach by allowing your kids to build sand castles and collect seashells. You can also cook a tasty beachside lunch for your family. A beach that offers sailing or surfing lessons can make the day trip even more fun. Of course, you can also have story time on the beach or a dance party to make the day more enjoyable.

These are just some of the great day trips you and your kids can enjoy. Of course, you can participate in a combination of these activities depending on how close they are to you. You can make these trips even more enjoyable by encouraging your kids to start a video or picture diary highlighting their summer day trips.

Picture from David Fischer

By Shondell Varcianna

June 10, 2016