Apple News: iPhone SE and iPad Pro 9.7-inch

Apple’s battle with the United States’ FBI might be making headlines these days but that didn’t stop the company’s new product announcements from stealing the show this morning. This morning, the company unveiled yet another iPhone and a new version of its recently released iPad Pro. Both new additions to the Apple family, the iPhone SE and iPad Pro 9.7-inch, were introduced to give consumers more choice when it comes to the size of their device.


iPhone SE

The new iPhone SE is a 4-inch device that’s almost identical to the iPhone 5 when it comes to form factor. When it comes to appearance, the biggest difference between the SE and the 5 is colour choices. The new SE comes in the same range of colours at the iPone 6 family of devices: space grey, silver, gold, and rose gold. So, why is Apple launching a device that looks identical to one it launched two iterations ago? Well, as it turns out, a lot of iPhone users weren’t ready for 4.7and 5.5-9inch screens. In fact, many have stuck with their trust iPhone 5’s or 5S’ preferring the smaller form factor. However, these users have also been dying for improved performance from their aging devices.


When it comes to performance, the iPhone SE boasts many of the same features found in the iPhone 6S line. The phone features the ultra-fast 64-bit A9 chip that makes the 6S line blazing fast and gives its impressive multi-tasking capabilities. Like the iPhone 6S family, the SE also features a 12MP camera, live photo and 4K video. Basically, it’s everything you love about the 6S family wrapped up in the easy-to-hold iPhone 5 form factor.


iPad Pro 9.7-inch

The iPad Pro 9.7-inch was also announced at the event. Having used its 12-inch big brother, I can honestly say that I’m excited to see this device in action. In a recent post, I talked about how the iPad Pro was replacing my MacBook when I travel. Compared to carrying a laptop on business trips, carrying the iPad Pro is a breeze. While the tablet might seem bulky to many users, it makes up for it by making it possible for me to leave my laptop at home. With the new iPad Pro 9.7-inch, consumers can enjoy an even smaller form factor with the same power of the iPad Pro.


Like its 12.9-inch bigger brother, the iPad Pro 9.7-inch features an A9X processor, making it faster than many laptops on the market. It also uses Apple’s Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil. Being a fan of the larger iPad Pro, you can imagine how excited I am to take this device on a little test drive, especially when I’m traveling for business.


These new devices will be available in for pre-order on March 24th in Canada with the official release date scheduled for March 31st. If you’re planning on taking the leap into one of these new devices, stay tuned to tis blog and learn how to properly migrate your data and settings from your existing device.


By Mike Agerbo

March 22, 2016