7 Easy-Peasy Marketing Ideas

By the small business content developers at  BizLaunch.com.

Because you have a business, you need marketing, but there are so many ways to market your company that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and be afraid of doing the wrong thing. Luckily, there are many efforts you can make that will help you integrate marketing into the everyday fabric of running your business. The main thing is to be consistent and day by day, month after month, year after year, you will see a return on your efforts.  The trick is to find a way to enjoy the process of building your network of clients and customers and to always think about how you can expand that circle. This isn’t about selling to everyone or constantly haranguing your associates to purchase your wares, but more a way to expand your audience.

1. Create content for your website. While much of your business may come from walk-ins or reviews from sites like Yelp, it’s important to have fresh content on your website because that can attract business too. A blog that you frequently update will help prospective customers know that the information on your site is current, fresh, and informative. When you keep communication channels open, you rejuvenate your connection with your audience and customers and give them a reason to return.


2. Contribute comments on websites that pertain to your field. By reading about current topics in your field, you’ll stay on top of new developments. In addition, when you comment on websites that appeal to your demographic, you enter the conversation as a commentator and can build a reputation as an expert. Be courteous, helpful, and contributive in your comments, and over time you may even be tapped to contribute a quote for an article for publication and gain further PR!


3. Keep in touch with existing customers. Repeat customers are customers who believe in your company or your product, so reach out to them to encourage referrals. You can use a ‘bring a friend’ promotion to expand your existing customer base or use email newsletters and text messages to promote a new product. Handwritten thank you notes or holiday cards can help your customers feel connected to your company and are a powerful way to build strong bonds.

4. Attend networking events or join your local Chamber of Commerce. It might seemdifficult to put yourself out there when you may not know anyone in the room, but over time you will gain connections and maybe even build some important relationships -- as long as you don’t hide out in the bathroom all evening. Many a great business contact has come from commiserating over the quirks of your field. Industry associations are another great place to make contacts.

5. Partner with a related business to host an event or class. This is a great way to build a vibrant connection with a new audience. Think about an aspect of your business you can share with your community and look for a partner to boost your audience. A spa could partner with a makeup company to promote a new lipstick line that perfectly coordinates with the pedicure polish. A podiatrist could do a presentation at a shoe store and help audience members select appropriate footwear. A chiropractor could share pointers on proper sitting postures at a yoga studio or in an office setting. The options are abundant. Be creative and explore how you can leverage a new connection to reach out to new customers.

6. Support a cause.  We all love companies who contribute to building a better future. If your customer base is geographically focused, partner with an area non-profit that does something beneficial for that specific community. Companies with a less geo-centric focus could partner with non-profits that have a more global reach. A company that sells sunblock might partner with a non-profit focused on cleaner oceans or rivers, while a toothpaste business might partner with a non-profit that provides dental work for those in need. You can even use a press release to announce how your company gives back.

7. Connect everything back to your brand. All of your efforts should help strengthen your brand’s presence on the global stage. Your business cards, your stationery, your shipping materials, your customer service, your website, your outgoing message, and so much more all contribute to how the public perceives your company. The world is more interconnected than ever and you never know which customer or client will become the fan that propels you to the next level. Even a seemingly innocuous interaction can help you open an important door, so stay focused and keep working towards your dreams.

By Andrew Patricio

March 09, 2016