7 Ways to Upgrade Your Social Media Presence

Social media continues to shape our interactions on the Internet. As its importance and effects become more clear, it is evident that anyone using social media for marketing purposes needs to continually hone their social media techniques.  Dynamic is the only word to describe the changes anticipated in the coming year, what with Twitter changing the character length of posts, the growth of social messaging, live social broadcasting, and the thundering growth of video in social media. Simply put, change is afoot in social media and if you’re thinking about improving your game play, this is the year to do it.

1. Use images and videos in your social media posts.

You’ve probably heard that social media posts with images or video get more clicks than posts without such enhancements. There’s even research that reveals that people are more likely to retain information when it’s paired with a visual. As the case builds for the importance of visual assets, their use within social media cannot be overestimated. This year increase your use of bright, alluring visuals to build your audience’s engagement.

2. Post more often and optimize the time of your post.

If you think that posting on social media once or twice a day is enough, it’s time to up the ante. Audiences are looking for potent material that fuels inspiration and engages their mind. If you can’t create an abundance of content and don’t have a deep archive, you can also curate content that aligns with your audience’s interest. In addition, time your posts to those intervals when your audience is most active. Many social media dashboards will suggest optimum timing for your material.

3. Use keywords in your posts to emphasize relevance.

Make it easy for your audience to find you. Use keywords artfully within your posts or with hashtags to connect with your industry. Make sure that your posts have some other call to action beyond the hashtags or keywords. Your post should offer a relevant tidbit or hook to build your brand’s relevance and strengthen your audience’s trust.

4. Use social icons in emails and newsletters.

Give your audience the option to connect with you on social media by including linked badges that make it easy to sign up and follow. These icons signal to your audience that you value the opportunity to engage with them in other mediums and are availing yourself of innovations in connectedness. Building an audience takes time, but you can foster that growth by shrewdly communicating to your audience and drop hints to suggest they come along.

5. Create original content for each of your streams.

If you’re on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, producing content for each of those channels might seem cumbersome and extraneous, but remember that many of your followers cross over and subscribe to your feed from various social media sites. Think about how uninspiring and repetitive it might be to see the exact same post in all of those streams. Even if you only have a single post, be creative in how you deploy it across sites. Avoid the temptation to copy and paste across the board.

6. Use strategic ads to build your followers.

Many marketers are stuck thinking that social media should be free. While you can build an audience organically or virally (if you’re lucky), it takes time, patience, and investment to grow naturally. If you’re rolling out an upgrade, expanding inventory, or just looking to bolster your fanbase, use ads to communicate directly with the relevant sector of the audience marketplace. The best part is that you don’t have to have a big budget to get started.

7. Track what's trending and use what's applicable.

Many social media platforms give you a great tool that you can use any day of the week and any time of day to thoughtfully connect with your audience. Look at what’s trending and use your creativity to determine which items or topics mesh with your brand’s identity. Last year when Kim Kardashian was pregnant, it was a great time for trend-oriented maternity brands to use the connection to promote their gear. However, use this strategy with care and vigilance. Be respectful as you don’t want to be seen as exploitative, just timely.

By Andrew Patricio

February 03, 2016