5 Tools That Make Marketing Your Business Easier

By the small business content developers at  BizLaunch.com.

While everyone in marketing may be talking about the sexiest new social media platform on the sleek app that lets you reach your audience, the fact is: you can’t do your job as well without the right tools and equipment. Robust tools can make all the difference in the calibre of your message and how prospects view your enterprise. Here are five tools that will help make your marketing that much easier:

1. A Smartphone

It seems kind of silly to say, but even if you  have a smartphone, are you using it correctly?  That depends on the apps you use to help you in your day-to-day operations.

Marketing-wise, your phone can do a lot more than let you send texts to friends:

  • Keep up with social media through Hootsuite social media management app

  • Take photos and edit photos, shoot stop motion videos and more at company events to post to social media.

  • Keep track of reviews of your business on Yelp

2. A Tablet

Tablets are great portable visual tools for your marketing. If you’re in a sales meeting, you can show your portfolio or visual presentation with a tablet. If you’re exhibiting at a conference, tablets are indispensable for showing presentations and informational videos to attendees.

3. Posters

Get your message seen loud and clear with a big banner or poster. At staplesprint.ca you can create custom posters and banners to display your message in a big way and ensure they aren't missed. These are great for trade shows, conferences, window advertising and special occasions at the office.

4. A Color Laser Printer

While you may think that you can get away with a regular printer, the fact is that a color laser printer is superior for communicating marketing information. If you need to create any type of marketing material such as a pamphlet, you’ll have the means of professional production right in your office and remove the need to arrange for shipping or delivery. A color laser printer gives you the means to create almost any printed marketing material within a matter of minutes.

5. A Wireless Headset

If you’re making calls, hosting a webinar, or videoconferencing and don’t have a wireless headset, you are missing out on some excellent advantages such as having your hands free and simply avoiding all the extra cables. If you’ve ever accidentally jostled your plug and heard the loss in quality or the line interference, it’s now possible to avoid that problem.

There’s a lot of focus on the software and apps that make marketing easier, but you first need the right technology. Stock your office with these five items, and 2016 will be a great year.

By Andrew Patricio

January 13, 2016