5 Christmas Gift Ideas For The Person That Has Everything

Everyone has that person on their Christmas shopping list that is impossible to shop for, whether it be because they are extremely picky or due to the fact that they already seem to own everything. You shop store to store for the perfect gift, but only become frustrated by your choices.

This year you can avoid the frustration and stress by considering one of these 5 Christmas gift ideas for that impossible person on your holiday shopping list:

Event Tickets

Purchase tickets to the individual’s favorite band, play, movie or sports team events. It is the perfect way to give that person a memorable night. If you want to spruce the gift up even more try adding enough money for parking, souvenirs, snacks and drinks.

Food Gift Basket

Everyone loves food so you can’t go wrong with this gift idea. This is not only a practical gift, but a thoughtful one as well. Make a list of your friend or family member’s favorite snacks or foods and create a wonderful gift basket that they cannot resist!

Custom Made Photo Gift

Photos are something that everyone enjoys. The right photos can bring back the happiest of memories. Make that picky person on your list happy this holiday by having their favorite photos put together in one place. Try a custom made photo book or a photo calendar. Both are unique ideas with real meaning.

A simple way to collect photos that have meaning to that specific person is by looking through their Facebook or Instagram. Several services, such as Elephoto and Shutterfly, let you create your gift online.

Plan An Excursion

Everyone has a place they’d like to visit or something that they would like to do. Providing that individual with the opportunity to do just that will be a Christmas gift that they will treasure forever. For example if the person has mentioned in the past that they’d like to take a hot air balloon ride or visit the zoo you can make that wish come true. Not only do you provide them with an incredible gift you also get the added bonus of time together.


Books are a gift that can be enjoyed over and over. Books give the reader an opportunity to get away from reality for a while. If you are unsure what type of book or genre the person would like than ask your family or friends for some advice. Look into what the bestsellers are in the genre the individual would be most interested in.

You can add to the gift by purchasing a nice book-marker or a reading light.

Purchasing the perfect gift for the person who has everything doesn’t have to be difficult, you just need to think outside of the box. One of the most enduring things about the gift ideas listed above is that they are unique and will show the recipient that you put real thought into finding them the perfect gift.

Picture by giftbaskits4u

By Shondell Varcianna

December 11, 2015