5 Quick Workouts For Busy Moms 

Being a mom often means that your schedule is extremely busy. In addition to working and trying to keep the house in order, you’ve also got to keep up with your children’s schedules and try to make sure that there’s a decent meal on the table each night. Of course, this is just a fraction of your job description as a mom. So, how do you find the time to work out?

Fortunately, there are a few quick workouts you can do throughout the day to boost your energy and get you closer to the body you want. Here are five quick workouts designed especially for moms on the go.

1. Chair Push-Ups 

Use a chair from the kitchen or dining room to do this exercise, which only takes about 10 minutes. Squat in front of the chair and reach your arms back to hold on the seat of the chair. Bend and straighten your arms, as if you were doing a push-up. Do as many sets as you can each day (I know, you’ve got a million other things to do), and you’ll find that your arms look great in that dress you bought to wear to your boss’ holiday party.

2. Squats

You don’t even need any equipment for this exercise. Just stand with your feet aligned with your shoulders, and hold your arms out in front of you. Bend as low as you can and come back up quickly. This exercise works your thighs and glutes, and can get you back in your “old” jeans quicker than you think. Doing squats for about 15 minutes a day also helps to boost your energy, and is an ideal exercise for loosening your muscles when you have to sit at a desk all day.

3. Water Jug Weight-Lifting

When you’re done with the water jugs in your home, fill the jugs with dry beans, rice or tap water and use them as weights. You can lift the jug weights while in the squatting position or standing upright to work your arm, abdominal and upper thigh muscles. Doing at least five reps a day can help you see results quicker.

4. Push-Ups

Good old-fashioned push-ups are an effective way to work out several muscle groups in the body without having to use exercise equipment. When you’re in the push-up position, make sure your knees are behind your hips, and be sure your chest and hips lower at the same time for each push-up to prevent injury. Your abs, glutes, arms and calves will get a great workout, even if you only have 10 minutes to spare.

5. Taking a Walk

Even if there’s only 10 or 15 minutes in the day,  you can take a walk, you can still raise your heart rate and improve your circulation. Try walking around your block in the mornings a few minutes before the kids wake up, or taking a stroll after dinner in the evenings. This can aid in your weight loss efforts and help to lower blood sugar.

Remember that, depending on your age, you can involve your kids in your workout as well. When working out is a family effort, there’s a (slightly) better chance that your kids will let you stick to your workout routine on most days. Here’s to your health!

Picture by Anthony Seamarks

By Shondell Varcianna

November 27, 2015