5 Things Your iPhone Can Do That You May Not Know 

My iPhone is like my little assistant. It’s always on me, I do so much with it that I don’t remember what my life was like before cell phones came around. Now a days, you can do so much with a cell phone, from taking pictures, to browsing the internet, to listening to music. The list just goes on and on with all of the many different things we can do with this little device.

I’ve had my iPhone for quite some time and although I would like to think that I use most if it’s functions, I found out recently that I don’t use nearly as much as I thought. I am just imaging how much more I could get out of my phone if I was aware of all of the many features it offers. Here are 6 iPhone features that I never used before now.

1. Airplane mode charging

You can go crazy waiting for the phone to recharge when you’re almost out of juice. But this is a great feature that allows you to speed up the time it takes to recharge the phone. Simply go to your system settings and choose “Airplane” mode, then power down the device while it does its thing. You’ll be up and running in less time than usual.

2. Siri is not too old to learn

While Siri is a great thing for some, it’s aggravating for others. Complaints about the mispronunciation of crucial words can be frustrating. After Siri speaks, simply tell her “That’s not how you pronounce ___” which will prompt her to give you other choices. Did you know this, because I had no clue I could say that to her.

3. Take rapid photo shots

For all you photography enthusiasts and selfie takers, this is a great thing. It’s as simple as clicking a button and literally all you do is hold down the capture button. So, no more time is wasted looking at the finished image to see if your eyes were open. With this method, just take multiple shots and discard the images you don’t want after the fact.

4. Using YouTube as your background music.

With the advancements of the iPhone and the ever popular YouTube, this is a match made in smartphone heaven. This feature allows you to listen to the music of your favorite artist or DIY video without having to watch to benefit from the audio. It’s hard to believe that it has taken this long to actually put this idea into practice but Apple has done it.

5. Shake edit email mistakes.

We all make mistakes in our emails or wrong transmissions, but the iPhone has made it simple to get rid of these errors before they become mistakes. By simply shaking the device, it will post a message giving you options on what to do with the erroneous text.

Picture by Jason Kottke

By Shondell Varcianna

November 20, 2015