Staples is full of surprises

The holidays are a whole season of surprises – from what’s in the shiny boxes under the tree to the secret ingredient that makes for perfect eggnog.

One if the lesser known and unexpectedly pleasant of these surprises? Discovering that the store you trust to make your work life more productive can also add to your efficiency when it comes to wrapping up gift giving for family and friends.

Staples has put a focus on ensuring stores are well stocked not only on those essentials of the season like wrapping paper, scissors, tape and other tools of Santa’s trade, but also those items you never thought you’d need which become indispensable once you know about them.

“Our focus throughout the year is to ensure we always have those products that help Canadians lead more organized, fulfilled and enjoyable lives at home or at work,” says spokesperson Alessandra Saccal. “This can be a stressful time of year and so we work even harder to make sure we have all you need to make the holidays run smoothly. Our team of buyers have done a lot of the work for you to bring to store only the best options available on the market.”

You may not think “gifts” when you think of the store where you buy your workaday basics but Staples has a wide selection of those hard-to-find just-right gifts for colleagues and co-workers.

Meanwhile, there are great ideas for the family, too, including useful products that tap into the things they’re crazy about already. For example, there’s Elsa and Anna luggage to give your daughter for her overnight stays at Granny’s -- in fact, there’s a whole array of Frozen-inspired products to bring joy to a little girl’s heart. Minions more her thing? There are options there, too, including super-cute Minion headphones guaranteed to be a hit with the little ones. With enhanced sound and the ability to connect to any music device, it’s a must-have product this holiday season.

Do you have a few on your list who are looking for something out of this world? No problem! Staples has the ideal gift for any Stars Wars fan in your life, from lap desks to toasters and everything in between.

There are handy products to make celebrations less work and more fun for you, too.  Forget hanging the lights this year and instead set the house and garden awash in twinkly stars via Star Shower, a laser light you set anywhere in your yard – then simply plug it in and you’re left with dazzling stars illuminating your landscape, no ladders, frozen fingers or staple guns required.

Once you’ve checked off all the names on your list, the house is as well dressed as you are and the guests are on their way, Staples offers one last and much-needed feature to make the holiday extra easy. All your shipping needs – from stamps and labels to wrapping and packaging to mail or courier services are under one roof.

Lo and behold it’s the same roof where you found the treasures and holiday essentials in the first place.

Come to think of it, that really shouldn’t be such a surprise after all.



By Michelle Janzso

November 13, 2015

Staples Canada