5 Fall Home Maintenance Tips

As the fall season approaches, there are several things you can do to ensure that you and your family are prepared. Aside from getting your warm clothes ready for the cooler season ahead, there are also some home maintenance tips that will ensure your home is prepared for fall. In the fall, your home should be safe and comfortable, so you should be doing all you can to maintain warm temperatures while ensuring the structural aspects of your home are intact. Here five aspects of home repair that are best taken care of in the fall, in order to prevent costly repairs in the future.

1. Check and Repair Peeling Paint

If you notice that the paint on the front or sides of your home is peeling, this is an indication that the current paint film is no longer protecting the house. This could lead to worn siding and discoloration that you may not be prepared to fix right away. If you see peeling paint, add a fresh coat of paint to your home right away. Paint that has protective ingredients that offer weatherproof benefits are often best.

2. Clean the Gutters

Fall is the season of falling leaves, so it’s best to ensure that all your gutters are free of leaves and other debris. After you clean the gutters with water, be sure to check for any loose joints and tighten the brackets if you need to. This will help to prevent plumbing problems in the house, and can keep dams of ice from forming in the gutters.

3. Inspect the Fireplace

As the fall turns into winter, you’re likely going to want to use your fireplace to keep your home warm. That’s why you should have your fireplace inspected thoroughly by a contractor. If your heating system is serviced properly, it will run well and last longer, which will save you money in the long run. If you also have a wood stove, make sure you look it over to ensure you can use it throughout the winter.

4. Get The Driveway Sealed

In order to prevent snow and heavy rain from ruining your driveway, you should coat it with a commercial sealer. The sealant will improve the condition of the asphalt and keep it functioning well for years. Your sealed driveway will increase the curb appeal of your home while keeping the winter elements from ruining the front of your home.

5. Add Caulk to the Windows

Finally, in order to keep heat from escaping your home, it’s important to caulk the windows while the weather is still cool. This home maintenance tip is affordable, and could save you a considerable amount of money on your heating bill. Caulk also keeps water from getting in the window cracks. The excess moisture can lead to mold buildup, which can be expensive to get rid of. Keeping the air conditioning units covered during the fall and winter can also help to keep the heat in the house.

Picture from Jimmy J Dehahart Sr

By Shondell Varcianna

September 25, 2015