Secure Your Home or Business with a Wireless Security Camera

Need to keep an eye on your home or business? Not too long ago, you would’ve had to rely on a security company to come in and complete a pricey installation. These days, securing your home has become an affordable DIY project, but there are a few things to consider before you run out and buy a wireless security camera.


  1. Indoor or Outdoor

The first thing to consider is whether you need an indoor or outdoor camera. If you plan to monitor an outdoor area, like your front yard or porch, you’ll need a weatherproof camera that can withstand the elements. However, if your camera will be monitoring an area indoors, like a child’s room or your home office, an indoor camera will do the trick.


  1. Day or Night Capabilities

Again, it’s important to choose a camera that satisfies your specific needs, so before you purchase one you should decide whether you’ll need it to capture video when it’s dark. A camera with nighttime capabilities will automatically adjust as the light changes. If you’re monitoring an area that is always well lit, you might not need one with nighttime capabilities. However, if you’re not sure if the area will remain well lit, it might be a good idea to spring for one that has nighttime capabilities to ensure you’re always covered.


  1. Resolution

While cameras that don’t record in HD might be less expensive, I don’t recommend scrimping in this department. A higher resolution camera lets you capture clear video, which is essential when security is really an issue. Even if you’re just monitoring a child’s room, you’ll find that HD quality makes it much easier to make out what’s happening.


  1. Pan-Tilt-Zoom

If you are monitoring a large area, you might want to consider investing in a camera with pan-tilt-zoom functionality. These functions allow you remotely pan, tilt, and zoom your live video.


  1. Mobile Support

Finally, you’ll want to consider whether or not mobile support for your camera is important to you. If you’d like be able to monitor things on the go using your smartphone, look for a camera that has mobile support. Mobile support can be very convenient, especially when you’re on vacation or a business trip.


There are many other features available on wireless security cameras but these are the major things to consider when shopping for one. If you’re looking or a good place to start, check out the D-Link Wireless N Pan & Tilt Day/Night Camera for indoor use or the D-Link Outdoor HD Wireless Network Camera if you plan to install your camera outdoors. These are a great place to start because they’re feature-rich while being relatively inexpensive.


By Mike Agerbo

September 22, 2015