4 Of the Hottest Trends in Office Design

By the small business content developers at  BizLaunch.com

For small business owners, their offices are often their lives. After all, that’s where you spend the majority of your time, so it makes sense that you would want to have pleasant surroundings. These four trends in office design are worth considering if you’re updating your office space.

  1. The Home Office Has Been Elevated

No longer are home-based business owners satisfied with a folding chair in the closet. They’re now giving their home offices the respect they deserve. That means everything from having a professional design their office to having the latest ergonomic accessories to make work more comfortable.

If you work from home, consider your work space. Do you feel productive and happy there, or are you ready to leave the second you’re done working? What small changes could you make to keep your workspace more organized and foster creativity? It could be something as simple as replacing your office chair for one more comfortable and stylish, or painting the walls with an inspiring color.

  1. Eco Friendly is the Responsible and Ethical Choice

With “going green” being such a buzz phrase these days, small businesses can get in on the action by implementing eco-friendly options in their design. The easiest change is to buy energy-efficient LED lightbulbs, while bigger design updates might involve replacing old furniture with that partially made of recycled leather, like an eco leather club chair.

Being environmentally-minded goes far beyond the lead-free paint you use in your office. You can also instill positive habits for your entire staff by using biopolymer cups, biodegradable folders, and pens made of recycled materials. All these small efforts go a long way in showing your commitment to reducing your footprint.

  1. Collaborative Workspaces Make for Innovative Ideas

Gone are the days of partitioned cubicles. Instead, we’re seeing more open office designs that foster collaboration and conversation among your team members. Well-known companies like Dropbox and Google are successfully using collaborative workspaces, and small businesses can mimic the concept.

In looking at your office layout, is there space where you can open up a few cubicles or otherwise create a community space? Adding a couch and coffee tables can give it a cozier feel than an office with traditional desk and chair would.

  1. Fun Elements Make for Enhanced Creativity

Another trend we’re seeing is little fun accessories and features that make an office more enjoyable to spend 40+ hours in. That could be anything from a foosball table to an espresso machine.

Fun doesn’t have to equal expensive. Consider installing dry erase panels around the office so your staff can doodle or jot down ideas as they come.

Enhancing your office, whether you work solo or have a team, can make your work more enjoyable.

By Andrew Patricio

August 19, 2015