5 Best Travel Apps to Help You Plan Your Next Trip

Not having the right tools while traveling can turn any trip into a disaster. Traveling apps are a must have. They help eliminate the strain and frustration of making arrangements and finding things to do. Whether your travels are for business or a vacation by plane, train, or car, these free and low cost apps will help make your venture from home a memorable one.

1. Trip It

Trip It eliminates all the major hassles of planning a getaway. This free app organizes and stores confirmations, itineraries, car rentals, lodging, and dining information. Trip It allows users to selectively share travel plans, edit and add information manually, sync travel plans with their calendar, and store important documents securely. Trip It is available in Apple, Blackberry, Windows, and Android devices.

2. Weather Pro

Make sure you are never caught in the rain with the Weather Pro app. For $2.99 users can view exactly how the day will go with Weather Pro’s extremely accurate forecast. Whether Pro can access over 2 million geographical locations and includes information about cloud formations, atmospheric pressure, wind speed, and humidity. The app connects to personal weather stations, sends alerts and warnings for extreme weather, and offers customizable widgets. Users can view photos and read reports for the million of locations the app includes. Weather Pro is available in Apple and Android devices.

3. Ulmon

Ulmon is a free app that helps users navigate new cities like a pro. Save time and frustration with Ulmon’s CityMaps2Go. The app contains highly detailed maps of hundreds of cities. Users can color code and customize maps for better navigation and create a collection of locations to visit. The app can also be used in locations across the globe. Ulmon also includes insider tips, detailed information about various locations, photos, and is continuously being updated with in-depth travel content. One of Ulmon’s best features is its offline access to maps. Ulmon is available in the App Store and Google play.

4. Kamino

Kamino helps travelers explore various places in an intimate way. The Kamino community is composed of locals and experts that create walking tours for users to enjoy. The app is free and includes maps, directions, recommendations, and posts from travel writers. It allows users to book rooms so they can be close to the action. Kimino also allows users to join their community and create tours of their own. It’s a great way for people to connect and share the experience of their city. Kimino is a great app for first time travelers to sightsee beyond tourist attractions. Those looking for new ways to explore a familiar city will also enjoy the detailed tours created by the Kamino community. The Kimino app is available only in the App Store.

5. Google Translate

The app translates 90 languages and includes features that allow translations with voice, keyboard, text, and camera. Google Translate is able to translate in real time and automatically recognizes the language that’s being spoken. It’s newest feature, Word Lens, lets users translate street signs and text by simply pointing their camera at the unfamiliar text. Google Translate avoids awkward conversations and translates as users naturally converse. All of Google Translate features can be used without an Internet connection. Think of all the new people you can meet with Google Translate. Google Translate is free and it is available on Apple and Android devices.

Picture by Techno Giant

By Shondell Varcianna

August 07, 2015