Projectors: Time for a Second Look

Projectors have an interesting reputation—for many years they’ve either been considered to be a tool for presentations or an entertainment system reserved for the wealthy. While their usefulness for these purposes is undeniable, projectors have a variety of other uses that should interest consumers and businesses alike.


Projectors in Business

I own and run a small media agency based in Vancouver and frequently host clients in our office. With a projector in our receiving area, we find that it makes clients feel welcome to see their websites or latest marketing campaigns front and center when they come in for meetings. After all, seeing your campaign on a tiny computer screen is nothing compared to seeing it on a large wall.


When the projector isn’t cued up with a client’s website or campaign, it’s a great branding piece displaying Blink’s portfolio and a useful tool for staff meetings. Since we primarily work with video, once a week my team gets together in the receiving area to review and critique some of our latest work. Seeing our work at this magnitude allows us to feel inspired by our own work.


Keeping with my belief that fun is an important component in team building, we have an arcade system hooked up to our projector. After our weekly staff meeting, members of my team often stick around our receiving area with a drink in hand playing video games and watching videos they find interesting. What all of this means is that the projector—an Epson 2030—we installed in our reception area plays an important role in our office. The projector helps us welcome clients, brand Blink, and encourage a team dynamic.


Projectors at Home

While projectors have obvious uses in business, their place in the home has often been overlooked. In fact, many believe that having a projector in your home is a luxury reserved for the wealthy. However, projectors are more affordable than one might think and they offer a versatile entertainment experience. Just think, the picture your projector displays can be customized according to the size of the wall you’re watching on or the room you’re in. Projectors can also be installed much more discreetly than television sets, which means that the décor of your room isn’t disrupted by a large television set. On top of all this, watching a movie or TV on a projector provides a better experience, much like being in a movie theater.


One of my favourite things about owning a projector is the flexibility to watch movies al fresco in our back yard. On a warm summer evening when the heat is getting to be a bit much I like to put our projector outdoors and project a movie on the back of our house. While helping us enjoy the coolness of a summer’s evening, it helps to tempt my three teenagers to spend a bit of time at home with the family.


Bottom line, if you’ve never considered a projector for your home or business, it’s time for a second look.

By Mike Agerbo

August 04, 2015