Stress-reduce BTS shopping – think “dot calm”

By Tracy Nesdoly

Just because the kids are in summer vacation mode doesn’t mean you are – and shopping for a long list of school supplies in the heat of summer could be the very last thing your stressed-out self needs right now.

The great thing about school supplies though? You don’t need to try them on or name-check the label. They are pretty much all available online, ready and waiting for you as you enjoy the cool comfort of your office at lunchtime, far away from the teeming crowds at the mall.

There’s an added benefit to shopping for supplies online – you can easily do price comparisons and avoid the temptations of that cute thing that caught your eye at the cash desk, which allows you to stay within the budget you want to keep.

As well, online stores such as are offering great deals on the basics – binders, paper, pencils and name-brand crayons and markers to name a few.

“Shopping on a budget? Of course you are. Staples Canada not only offers quality products at great prices, but we’ve made it shopping that much easier for you by selecting basic back-to-school items and discounted them further,” says Staples spokesperson Alessandra Saccal . “Our full range of products are available both in-store and online. We’re here to help parents during the busy season, knowing they   focus on value, durability and quality, as well as the search for a shopping experience that is easy.”

Knowing that kids love to personalize their “stuff” to make it their own, Staples also has a range of items that allow for that creativity to flow – colourful stickers, fun colours and patterns on otherwise utilitarian tools like scissors and staplers, and loads of crazy-colour markers.

Meanwhile, your children’s school may have added ease to the season by posting their class supplies list online – check in with the school website to see if the shopping list is posted there.

From there, back to school can shift from being a stressful chore to a simple task to tackle over a lunch hour – simply point and click and enjoy the dot-calm.


By Michelle Janzso

July 11, 2015

Staples Canada