Stimulating Activities for Your Kids to Try this Summer

Summer is the time for kids to have fun. But without your intervention, they will likely spend the bulk of their time playing games on their tablet and mobile phone. While playing computer games is not bad, playing the same set of games every day can dull their mind. Take the initiative to get them to engage in activities that will stimulate their mind as well as make them physically healthier.

Here are 7 stimulating activities for your kids to try this summer:

1. Teach them to play a musical instrument:

Playing music can be highly stimulating as well as great fun. Teach your children to play a guitar, piano, banjo or any other musical instrument of their choice. If you don’t play an instrument, hire someone for the job or send them to a summer music school.

2. Take the kids bungee jumping:

Is your child ready to try something that requires a lot of guts? Take them bungee jumping. They will forever remember the fear, excitement and the heart-stopping moments before and during the fall. It will give them something to talk about for many years to come.

3. Take the kids fishing:

If you live anywhere near a river, lake or sea, then take your kids fishing during the summer. Buy them their own fishing gear and set up a competition to catch the biggest fish. Not only will they enjoy it, they will also learn about the different types of fishes and about the natural world in general.

4. Go cave exploring with your kids:

Caves are a dark, deep and exciting places that can make imaginations go wild. If you want to give your children an experience they will never forget, then take them cave exploring. Choose a cave that is known to be safe explored and frequented by lots of people. Make sure to take all the necessary gear.

5. Practice writing with the hand that is not normally used:

Writing with the hand that you’ve been use to writing with since childhood is no big deal. For most people, it is the right hand. But try writing with your left hand (or the right hand if you are a lefty). Studies have shown that writing with the hand that is not normally used can stimulate your brain and make you smarter. Tell your kids to try this exercise once a week.

6. Give them mental math exercises:

Adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing numbers inside their head can be highly stimulating. Sadly, today’s kids are too dependent on calculators, which deprives them of the pleasure and benefits of mental math. At last once a week, give them math problems to solve without using a pen, paper and calculator.

7. Give them a fun science project:

Ask your children to do a fun science project at home. Let them choose the topic. They can choose to build a model airplane, grow a plant inside a jar, keep a spider in a box or do anything that they are interested in. Provide all the materials they need. Not only will they have fun doing it, they will also learn something new.

Picture by Levi & Rachel

By Shondell Varcianna

July 10, 2015