The Newest Music Streaming Service: Apple Music

Apple’s new music streaming service, the much-anticipated Apple Music, has finally launched and is available for iOS, Mac, and PC. Apple will also release apps for Apple TV and Android later this year. The service offers streaming that combines streaming your existing music collection with live radio. It gives users access to over 30 million songs but with so many streaming services boasting similar numbers, why should you try Apple Music?


For You

The best part of Apple Music is the “For You” section. In this section, you’ll find recommendations for new artists and playlists to check out. The app makes these recommendations based several factors. The first is your music profile, which you’ll fill out when you set up the app. After that, the app will pay attention to the music you play and purchase. It’ll also learn from the feedback you provide as you listen to songs in the app. This means that the recommendations will get better as you use the app more.


New and Playlists

The New tab of the app features top-selling and most-played songs, albums, and videos. Though this might seem like your run-of-the-mill collection of today’s most popular music, it’s actually curated by Apple Music’s section editors.


In addition to curated new music, Apple Music has curated playlists for different genres and activities. Music experts and brands, like Rolling Stone Magazine, curate these playlists. You can also save playlists you like and even create your own.



If you’re feeling nostalgic for live radio, you can get your fix from Apple Music. The app offers a 24-hours a day live radio station, Beats 1 that broadcasts from LA, New York, and London. The DJs in the three different cities each have their own style and lead discussions about the latest in music.


Apple Music also give you access to on-demand Internet radio stations that play music based on a genre, album, song, or artist. Again, Apple Music’s editors curate the music on these stations. You can also create your own station by selecting an artist, album, or song. As the app plays music based on your selection, you can provide feedback to help fine-tune the station to your tastes.



Siri is closely integrated with Apple Music, making it easy to give her commands and make requests. For example, you can request songs top songs from a specific year or date. You can also add songs to your queue and use Siri to fine-tune your music profile by telling her to “play more songs like this.”



If you’re not sure about Apple Music, you can try it out free for the first three months. After that, it’ll cost you $9.99 per month for an individual subscription. A family subscription with up to six accounts comes in at just $14.99. If you have a house full of teenagers like me, this pricing is a godsend.


With summer being the perfect time for BBQs, camping, and poolside fun, Apple Music couldn’t have come at a better time. Pair Apple Music with a great Bluetooth speaker and you’re set to enjoy your favourite summer tunes.

By Mike Agerbo

July 07, 2015