Summer Reading Tips for Your Kids This Summer

Summer is the time for school kids to relax and enjoy doing things they love to do with their family and friends. However, it doesn’t mean they should keep books at arm’s length. Reading is very important for children since it helps develop their language skills and improve their grades.

So here are 10 summer reading tips for your kids this summer:

1. Keep your house stocked with reading materials:

One way to get your kids interested to read is by keeping books and other reading lying around the house. When they see something interesting, they will read it without any encouragement. So, keep your house stocked with interesting things to read.

2. Set a daily timetable for reading:

When kids get the chance to play, chances are they won’t read without a nudge from their parents. Rather than having to tell them to read every day, set a daily timetable for reading. Make it an hour or two when there are usually no household activities.

3. Make reading a part of the fun:

Children like to have fun. It’s an essential part of growing up. Just like any other games they play, they will want to read only if they can get some fun out of it. So use your imagination and make it a part of the fun.

4. Lead by example, read with the kids:

The best way to lead is to lead by example. If you want your kids to read, try reading with them. If they are still in pre-school, read aloud with them, explaining the things they do not understand. If they can read, then you may read your own book. But be attentive to them.

5. Let the kids choose what they want to read:

If kids don’t like a book forced on them, they will likely put it down and refuse to read it. So, let them choose what they want to read. If they want to read popular fiction, let them have their way. Of course within reason.

6. Take the kids to the library at least once a week:

A visit to the library is a great incentive to read. When kids see so many adults engrossed in books, they too will be encouraged to read. Plus, a library is full of book that draw their interest. So, take your kids to the local library at least once every week.

7. Take books along on family outings:

When going on family outings, make sure to pack some books for yourself as well as the kids. Every time you get the chance, take out a book and read it and tell your kids to do the same.

8. Talk about books with the kids:

Everyone likes a good discussion, including kids. Find ways to draw your kids into discussions about the books they have read and the books you want them to read. It stimulates their imagination and makes them want to read.

9. Set a timetable for games:

Children like to play games on their computer, tablet and mobile phones. If given the chance, they will play the whole day, rather than banning them from playing games, set a timetable to limit their play time to a few hours every day.

10. Subscribe to children’s magazines:

Kids like magazines because they are full of pictures and interesting stories. Subscribe to children’s magazines, such as National Geographic Kids Magazines, Nickleodeon Magazine, and Sports Illustrated Kids Magazine.

Picture by fgressa

By Shondell Varcianna

July 03, 2015