4 Work Out Videos to Get You in Shape for the Summer

Summer is that time of year when we all want to get to get out and have a good time, as well as get in shape to wear those hot outfits. Working out is fun for some and not so much fun for others. I find working out with a group of people or to videos where you see other people working out, makes it a lot more fun than doing it by yourself.

Here are 4 great work out videos to get you in shape this summer:

1. The Total Package:

Created by celebrity trainer Tony Horton, The Total Package is the highly anticipated version of his wildly popular 90-day fitness program. The DVD contains 10 highly effective workouts that you can complete in an average of 30 minutes, which is all it takes a day to acquire a toned body. The workouts include total-body and core on the floor routines that are mapped out for you to do in a systematic way. The cardio and resistance moves have a gym-like intensity, which makes working out more fun. You will need a pro-grade resistance band with door attachment (included in the kit). In each session, you will burn 30 to 356 calories, depending on whether you do 8-minute abs or a full 42-minute circuit.

2. Middle Manager:

If you are looking for an express route to the perfect bikini body, then Middle Manager is just the workout video you want. It contains two 20-minute cardio-focused workouts that include squats, jumps, lunges and planks followed by a series of workouts to tone up your muscles. You will need 2 to 5 pound dumbbells. In each session, you will be able to burn 74 to 174 calories depending on whether you do the sculpting or the cardio exercises.

3. Smash HIIT:

Do you find working out boring? Smash HIIT will make you change your mind. This 21 Day Fix video contains seven 30-minute sessions that include high-intensity cardio routines to Pilates. Each routine is designed to burn maximum calories. A wide range of options and modifications help you to try different things, which makes working out interesting. For those who are on a mission to trim, there is also a diet plan included in the video. You will need a resistance band or 3- to 12-pound dumbbells.  In each session, you will be able to burn 37 to 254 calories, depending on whether you do the 10-minute abs or the 30-minute full circuit.

4. Lead Dancer:

Would you rather dance your way to a lean and fit body? The Lead Dancer is made for people who like to dance. The video contains 45 minutes of cardio-focused hip-hop mixes choreographed to the thumping beat of Groov3's Dance Sweat Live. The choreography is broken down into easy-to-learn sequences, which allows even non-dancers to master the steps within a few days. The beauty of this workout is that don’t need any equipment. In each session, you will be able to burn 310 calories of energy if you complete the full 45-minute dance routines.

Picture by Enri Endrian

By Shondell Varcianna

June 12, 2015