The Most Powerful Email App for Smartphones: Outlook

Most of us find keeping our inbox in check a challenge. Between emails that genuinely need our attention and the newsletter and promotional emails we subscribe to, inbox zero tends to be something we aspire to but can rarely reach. Conquering a cluttered inbox on a mobile device can be especially challenging thanks to a small screen and more limited features than those we enjoy on desktop devices. To help users win the inbox battle, Microsoft has created a fantastic email app for both Android and iPhone.


Outlook for mobile is a free app for mobile devices that brings many of the features of the desktop app and a few new additions. If you’re already an Office user you’re used to having a calendar integrated into your email client. Most email apps for mobile operating systems don’t feature a calendar, requiring you to use a separate calendar app. The Outlook for mobile app brings the calendar back into your email client; letting you enjoy an experience similar to the one you get on your desktop.


A new feature of the app you might not be familiar with is the focused inbox. Outlook sorts emails from friends or those containing conversations you’re a part of into an inbox labeled “Focused.” Emails that are of lower priority, such as newsletters and promotions, are sorted into an “Other” inbox. This helps you quickly sort through the lower priority emails and focus on the important ones. If an email that you’d prefer to go into the Focused inbox ends up in the Other inbox, you can simply move it. Outlook will automatically ask you if you’d like to create a rule to send future emails of the same nature to the “Focused” inbox.


Outlook for iOS and Android also makes accessing files to attach to emails easy. Thanks to cloud integration, you can access files in your Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage directly from the app. You can also tap the Files button at the bottom of your screen to access recently used or received attachments quickly.


Outlook for iOS and Android is a feature packed email client that makes sending, receiving, and sorting through email on your mobile device easy and efficient. With its intuitive functionality and interface, other email apps are going to struggle to catch up for some time.

By Mike Agerbo

June 02, 2015