Fun BBQ Meals This Summer 

Summer is almost here, which means you'll likely be spending a lot more time outdoors. This season is the perfect time for pool parties and BBQ’s, and if you're planning an outing for your family and friends, chances are you'll want to fire up the grill. Here are a few fun, tasty and healthy BBQ summer meals that you won't want to pass up.

Grilled Chicken Sliders 

There's a good chance that most of the people at your barbecue are fans of grilled chicken sandwiches. You can make the meal even more fun and visually appealing by preparing grilled chicken sliders. Marinate all-natural chicken breasts in a combination of lime juice, chilli powder, olive oil, pomegranate vinegar and fresh herbs like basil or sage. You can leave the marinade on the meat for two or three hours, or overnight for more of an intense flavour. Grill the chicken for about five minutes on each side and let it cool for two to three minutes. Combine it with your favourite barbecue sauce and fill small buns or rolls with the delicious chicken mixture. You can offer sandwich extras like lettuce, spinach, onion or condiments so guests can create their sandwiches according to their taste.

BBQ Black Bean Veggie Burgers 

If there are vegetarians at your summer BBQ, then black bean burgers are a welcomed treat. Combine cooked black beans with bread crumbs, unbleached flour, onion, garlic, peppers, carrots, warm water and a combination of spices like cumin, white pepper, black pepper, chilli powder, and paprika. Scoop the mixture with a large spoon and form each scoop into patties. These veggie burgers will hold up on the grill, and you can brush them with barbecue sauce after cooking them. Top the burgers with avocados, red onion or chopped tomatoes and put them in between whole grain buns for a grilled meal everyone will love.

Grilled Pineapples 

Remember that the grill is for sweet treats as well. Impress your family and friends with a fresh and light dessert like grilled pineapples. Brush pineapple slices with a combination of honey or agave syrup, ginger, lime juice and vanilla or brandy extract. Grill the fruit for one or two minutes on each side. Allow the pineapple to cool before topping it with vanilla ice cream and macadamia nuts. This sweet ending to the meal is low in carbs and virtually guilt free!

Guava BBQ Salmon 

Barbecued salmon is an excellent alternative to ribs or burgers. Marinate the salmon the night before in a mixture of apple cider vinegar, fresh rosemary, soy sauce, onion powder and garlic powder. When the salmon is cooking on the grill, mix guava nectar or fresh guava pieces into your favourite barbecue sauce. Brush the fish with the sauce and serve with seasonal grilled veggies.

BBQ Peaches 

Peaches are another delicious grilled dessert. Cut the peaches in half and remove the pit. Brush the fruit with raw sugar, lemon juice, honey and cinnamon. Grill each fruit piece for about two minutes, cut side down. Top the peaches with vanilla frozen yogurt or cherry ice cream. Finish the treat with a sprinkling of chopped pecans.

These grilled recipes, along with the great company and warm summer weather, makes for an enjoyable get-together you and your can enjoy.

Picture by Adventurefood

By Shondell Varcianna

May 01, 2015