Become an Expert Leader With These Simple Steps

By the Small Business Experts at

As the economy continues to recover, many small businesses are growing. This means that there’s a greater need for more staff. But as your small business expands, you may realize that you need different skills, attitudes and types of employees than you have had in the past, which can make reaching them a challenge.

So today, let’s look at some tips you can use to manage staff, develop their skills, nurture their talents and motivate them to achieve the goals you together agree to pursue that will support your business’s growth.


  1. Establish clear business goals for each person and for the company

Develop a mission statement that everybody understands, that unifies everyone within your company—no matter the department.


  1. Lead by example

Do what you say you will do. Demonstrate your own motivation through inspirational behaviour and attitude.


  1. Be organized

Have a plan in place that you can share with your employees. Organize your time carefully, ensure that you have a weekly “to do” list, and ask everyone for the same. Come prepared to staff meetings and always be on time.


  1. Inspire

Regularly talk about your business vision, your past challenges and failures, your hopes for the future and your hopes for the employee. Try and involve them in decision-making processes so they feel valued.


  1. Provide adequate training

Good training motivates employees, so consider developing a regular training program within your business so staff can learn new skills such as sales, computer software or social media. Pay for part time training courses, conferences or bring in an expert speaker.


  1. Give responsibility

Your employees want to feel that they play a role in the success of the business, so try to give them responsibilities and let them prove their value.


  1. Give positive reinforcement

Personally congratulate employees for a job well done or for delivering excellent customer service. Publicly acknowledge good work and service by introducing an “Employee of the Month” award to encourage your staff to do their best.


  1. Find out what motivates them

An employee with young children might like shorter hours in the summer, and a new graduate  might value extra training. Find out how you can add value to their lives.


  1. Listen to your staff

Let them know their opinion is valuable. Encourage them to come up with ideas to improve services and processes, embrace their ideas, and give them projects that allow them to develop intellectually.


  1. Communicate openly with your team

Keep employees updated and informed about what is happening in the business and how the business is doing—good or bad. If you hide information, employees start to gossip, rumours emerge and panic and fear develops.


  1. Maintain a caring attitude

If your employees are working in a pleasant environment, customers are going to benefit. You want your employees to love coming to work in the morning, and the business owner, you are responsible for developing a culture of care.


  1. Be likeable and fun

Your staff will put in that extra effort if they like you. Chances are they’ll also respect you even more, so share a laugh and don’t take things too seriously.


  1. Work together as a team

Ensure everyone shares to-do lists, schedules, customer problems and project activities. Don’t hide issues and discourage employees from doing so also.


  1. Be firm

Be approachable, but don’t be a pushover. Be flexible with employees, yet make sure work is done, customers’ needs are taken care of and deadlines are met.


Remember: your employees represent your biggest investment—and your greatest business asset. Take some time out to think of how you can be an effective leader and watch your business grow!

By Andrew Patricio

April 29, 2015