Out With The Old In With The New: Spruce Up Your Home With These Spring Colours

Out With The Old, In With The New: Spruce Up Your Home With These Spring ColoursSpring is often seen as the season for renewal. You can use the new, bright blooms that may be showing up in your yard or the definite change in weather to inspire a few home décor projects. Adding spring colours to your home evokes a sense of renewal and can even boost your mood. Here are a few decorating tips you may want to take advantage of this spring.

Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are one of the easiest ways to spruce up any room in your home. Pastel colours like pink and green can give your room a fresh look and make the room especially welcoming. Pink is a less intense version of red, so the colour is both soft and passionate. Green is the colour of renewal, which makes it a perfect spring choice. The large pillows can make your sofa or love seat a little more lively. Or, you can purchase over-sized pillows for the floor to serve as extra seating when you have friends and family over. Solid-colour pillows are visually appealing if you have printed wallpaper or an accent wall in the room. Or, you can choose pillows with floral print or polka dots for a room that is decorated in neutral shades.


Let the sun shine into your home by pulling back the curtains and taking in the picturesque spring scenery. As you notice fresh spring blooms, birds chirping and lush greenery, you may be inspired to give your curtains a makeover. Curtains in a soft yellow shade blend well with the sun and can make the room appear a little brighter. Or, you can select a light pink or purple shade to complement tan or brown walls. Pastel green curtains are also a chic decorative choice if most of the furniture in the room is a dark brown or gray shade.

Area Rugs

You can instantly make the room feel larger by adding an area rug. This decorative touch also gives an air of sophistication to the space. If there is mostly white furniture in the room, a light shade of blue brings out the crispness of the white without giving the space a stark feel. Soft shades of pink are ideal if most of your furniture is tan or brown. Like throw pillows, solid colours for the area rug are best if you have lots of patterned pieces in the room. But if the space is decorated in minimalist style, a patterned rug that features two or three pastel shades can serve as the attention-getting element in the room.


Make your kitchen or dining room tables the perfect place to dine during spring with an eye-catching centerpiece. While an assortment of spring flowers is a beautiful go-to centrepiece, you can make the decoration stand out even more. Choose synthetic versions of your favourite flowers and dust them with spray glitter in a pastel shade, or use a thin wooden vase to showcase the blooms instead of a glass one. You can also fill a large glass candleholder with coloured rocks in your favourite pastels. Spread one layer of rocks in the vase at a time to create a striped look. To make the centerpiece especially elegant, place a large white candle in the centre of the candleholder before adding the rocks.

These are simple home décor projects that can make a big difference in the look of your home. These items can also be stored easily, so you can use them as your design inspiration for next spring as well.

Photo by Savannah Rae Designs

By Shondell Varcianna

April 10, 2015