Fun Easter Activities To Do With Your Kids 

Easter is a chance to enjoy springtime activities with your children. You can spend time outdoors basking in the warm weather or take the party inside to get out of the rain. No matter how you choose to spend Easter, these engaging crafts and projects will keep you and your children happily busy and give you some fond springtime memories.

Decorated Cartoon Character Easter Eggs

While decorating Easter eggs is a traditional activity, you can add a little originality by allowing your children to adorn their eggs in a special way. Boil the eggs and allow your little ones to choose their favourite cartoon characters and paint the eggs in the same colors as the characters. Add goggly eyes to make the eggs appear more lifelike, and use small pieces of construction paper to create hats or bow ties for the characters. To display the eggs, paint an empty toilet paper roll and place the egg on the top. For instance, if your child wants to paint an egg that looks like Mickey Mouse, use red paint for the toilet paper roll, so the roll will look similar to Mickey’s overalls.

Easter Baskets 

Giving and receiving Easter egg baskets is also a conventional way to celebrate the holiday. But this year, you can work with your little ones to put together baskets that you can give to family and friends. Help your children bake cookies and ice the cookies with pastel-coloured frosting. You can also help your children create mini books from construction paper, detailing their favourite things about spring. The book pages can be punctured with a hole punch and bound together with yarn. These make great homemade gifts to present to guests who are having Easter dinner at your house, or to send to family members.

Jelly Bean Bracelets

Edible jewelry is always an appealing craft for children. Using jelly beans that feature spring colours is an Easter project you and your little ones can easily complete. All you need for this project are jelly beans, an elastic cord and a needle. Tie a knot at the end of the cord and thread the needle through the cord. Then thread the jelly beans through the needle by puncturing a hole in the candies and moving them down the cord. When you reach a length that will fit around your child’s arm, cut the elastic cord and tie it together to form a bracelet.

Easter Matching Game 

This fun and educational craft turns into a game that will assist your children with hand eye coordination and memory. Use large index cards or construction paper, coloured pencils and stencils to create Easter-themed images. For instance, you can draw an Easter bunny on one sheet of paper, and a matching bunny on another sheet. Other matching images, such as Easter eggs, daisies, or your child’s favourite Easter dinner foods can also be drawn on the cards. When you’ve finished creating the images, place all the cards on the floor and tell your child to get a good look at all the pictures. Then turn them over and have your child recall where the matching pictures are. You can even play your child’s favourite music and encourage him/her to match all the images before the song is over.

Whether you’re planning an Easter celebration or simply want to celebrate the joy of the spring season with your child, these crafts make for a great bonding experience and can even serve as educational tools for your kids.

Picture by Kunady

By Shondell Varcianna

April 03, 2015