5 Sales Techniques Guaranteed to Ink That Deal

By Stefanie Neyland


In the digital age it’s easy to get caught up in the virtual assets of your business. The Internet is flooded on a daily basis with tips on “how to create a great website” and “the keys to social media success”, but while these channels may prove to be fruitful for many ventures, it’s also important not to forget the basic lifeblood of any business: sales.


It’s vital to distinguish the difference between sales and marketing, as for many that line is easily blurred. Marketing creates an opportunity to earn revenue, selling converts that opportunity into revenue. Or to to use an analogy: marketing throws the ball, sales catches it.


If someone discovers your website through a search engine, that’s marketing at work—marketing has done its job by directing a prospect to your website. But now, the selling must take over. No product or service sells itself, therefore its imperative that you give your customer—whether that be in person, via telephone or through your website—compelling reasons to buy from you.


Andrew Patricio, Founder and CEO of BizLaunch Media Inc., says that sales boils down to just one thing.


“Selling is all about removing the fears and risks associated with making a purchase,” he explains. “You have to make the sales process as easy and as painless as possible. For example, being unable to process a customer’s preferred method of payment could be a dealbreaker.”


In short: sales drive your business and marketing drives sales. Each one performs a different function in your revenue system. “But at the end of the day, it’s the sale that’s going to make you money,” he says.


With this in mind, today Andrew goes back to basics and offers five easy sales techniques guaranteed to help you close more deals.


  1. The “Delivery” Close

Try presenting the customer with some dates to deliver your product or start your service. “Give the customer a couple of options,” says Andrew. “You could say something like, “We can start work on your file next Tuesday or Thursday. Which day would you prefer?” Either answer closes the sale.”


  1. The “Assumptive” Close

“Another technique typically used in retail is where the seller will ask, “Will that be cash or charge?” instead of actually asking for the sale,” suggests Andrew.


  1. The “Options” Close

Do you want one in red or black?


  1. The “Fear of Loss” Close

Without dissatisfaction there’s no action, so Andrew recommends trying to play up a little fear of loss. He recommends saying something like, “We’re really busy next month with new projects, but we can get your job done this month. Is that okay with you?


  1. The "Direct" Close

People are psychologically programmed to be agreeable, so just look your customer in the eyes and ask for the order. “It may sound crazy, but it works,” says Andrew. “Ask them straight up: “Can we have your business?


Bonus Tip: Build relationships

Above all else, great sellers develop relationships with their customers. They don’t call a customer just to sell something— they may call just to chat. “A good salesperson takes an interest in their customers and takes the time to get to know them well,” Andrew says.
“While always professional, great salespeople try to make business both personal and fun.”



By Andrew Patricio

April 01, 2015