Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day

Our kids may be too young to imbibe in green beer to celebrate the patron Saint of Ireland, but it doesn’t mean the day has to pass them by completely.  Around Canada and at home, there are plenty of fun things to do to get your green on and enjoy the festivities.

1.  Go to a St. Patrick’s Day Parade

If you live in a major city, likely you have a St. Patty’s Day Parade going on, and what child doesn’t love the parades?  Unlike the Santa Clause Parade, you likely won’t freeze your behind off, making the entire experience potentially more enjoyable for all involved (although this year’s weather may negate that fact).

2.  Make Your Own Little Leprechauns

Using a few basics that you likely have around the house, you can make your own little leprechauns searching for a pot of gold.  What do you need?  Toilet paper rolls, coloured construction paper, glue, some wool or red/orange pipecleaners (aka chenille stems), markers, and some nice St. Patty’s Day stickers.  Take your toilet paper rolls and cover them with the green construction paper (or you could also paint them if you’ve got more of a painting kid).  You will also use the construction paper for making a hat which will involve cutting a rectangular piece the size of the hat you want and then a large circle (bigger than the diameter of the hat).  For the hat, make sure you can also cut out an inner circle the same diameter as the hat which will serve as the top of the hat whereas the outer circle will be the rim of the hat.  Cut out whatever colour face you want and glue it on.  Use pipecleaner or wool for the beard and hair and marker for the face and hands and anything else.  Use stickers to decorate the hat and outfit and voila – you have a mini-leprechaun!  You can see a final version below, but feel free to make them however you like!

[caption id="attachment_11476" align="aligncenter" width="240"]Credit: Flickr/Kelley Minars Credit: Flickr/Kelley Minars[/caption]

3.  Make Your Own Shamrocks

This is a really simple activity that can be used as decoration on your front door or windows or wherever you like.  Again, you need the toilet paper rolls, but this time you’ll be cutting the circles into thin circular strips.  You’ll need four strips for each shamrock.  As they are green, you’ll need to paint the toilet paper rolls the right colour and this can be done before you cut (just make sure it’s dry) or after.  I recommend after because you’ll also want to cut the thin edges so if you paint before, you’ll still have another round of painting after.  Once you’ve cut them, use glue to turn three of them into little hearts (if you’re using craft glue then use a paperclip to hold the two pieces together until it dries).  Use your fourth piece for the stem and you’ve got some awesome decorations.  (You can also make a four-leaf one, like the one below, if you’re looking for some extra luck!)

[caption id="attachment_11477" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Credit: Child Make Tutorials Credit: Child Make Tutorials[/caption]

4.  Make Green Cookies

What kid doesn’t love cookies?  And what kid doesn’t love fun cookies?  You have a couple options here for St. Patty’s Day cookies: (1) Make your usual cookies, just use green icing (easy enough with food colouring), or (2) Get creative with shapes and make little pots of gold or leprechauns or shamrocks.  If you don’t have cookie cutters, just use a knife to cut the dough out before you bake it.  Extra pieces of dough can be rerolled and then cut again.  Whatever you do, it’s bound to be fun and delicious.

No matter what, just have fun and enjoy the day!

By Tracy Cassels

March 16, 2015