In Full Bloom: Spring Gardening Ideas 

Spring is the perfect time to plant a new garden. Whether you want a small garden that adorns the front of your home, or you’ve been toying with the idea of an indoor garden, these fresh ideas will make you look forward to the season.

Plant Early Blooms

To decorate your lawn, choose spring blooms that appear early in the season. Daffodils and tulips are especially pretty and have bright colours that are sure to give your home instant curb appeal.

Choose Flowering Shrubs 

Even if you already have a summer flowerbed, you can add flowering shrubs that will surround your home or line your driveway. Lilacs and azaleas are a fitting spring choice, and you can choose from colours ranging from crisp white to a deep red. These shrubs are sure to stand out against your plush green lawn. And you can trim the shrubs in fun shapes to give your lawn more visual appeal.

Start A Herb Garden

Spring gardening isn’t just a matter of making sure the plants outside your home look their best. You can also start a herb garden! This is a wonderful way to include fresh flavours in your food, and could motivate you to get in the kitchen more. Herbs like dill and cilantro grow best in the spring. Or, you can try your hand at parsley or chives. The fresh herbs can be used in refreshing, light spring soups, tasty salads or roasted chicken or fish.  You can plant the herbs in your kitchen in small containers. The herbs can serve as natural decoration as they grow, and will give your kitchen a pleasant fragrance.

Create A Striped Landscape

Devote a section of your front or back lawn to create a mini striped lawn. Alternate between stripes of small stones and grass for a textured lawn that encourages you to spend more time outside. A striped lawn is also a great way to adorn your doorway or the space around your deck, so you’ll be motivated to invite guests over for an outdoor spring party.

Create a Zen Garden 

If you don’t have much of a green thumb or have limited lawn space, you can still enjoy the beauty of spring with a Zen garden. The collection of stones and sand can immediately make you feel peaceful and at one with nature when you step outside.  Choose stones that vary in size to make the garden stand out. You can even choose coloured stones that remind you of your favourite flowers and springtime plants. Creating your Zen garden close to the largest tree in your yard can give you a relaxing place to enjoy the weather, read a book by your favourite author, meditate or listen to some music. A few potted plants in the corners of the Zen garden can give it a fresh feel.  Adding a few wind chimes makes the space especially tranquil as well, and lends more texture to the “garden” space. The Zen garden can be as large or small as you want, and makes for an eye-catching addition to your home.

Photo by Martin Stone

By Shondell Varcianna

March 13, 2015