Changing With the Seasons: Spring Updates for Your Home

Getting your home ready for spring means more than just cleaning out your closet and making sure your attic or garage is purged of things you don’t need anymore. Make your home more inviting this spring with fresh updates that will make you excited to invite guests over.

Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

Few things add a more refreshing look to your home than a new coat of paint. You can create an accent wall in the living room with a collection of pastel shades, or update the colour of your bedroom walls. Colours like green give you a sense of renewal and growth, which is perfect for spring. Yellow is bright and inviting, and can give you a burst of energy when you’re working from home or cleaning the house.

Adding stripes or a mural of an image that reminds you of spring, such as flowers or birds are particularly eye-catching as well. You can find stencils at your local home improvement store. If you’d rather not paint, wallpaper that is easily removed or decals can give any room in your home a look that says you’re ready for all the new adventures spring has to offer.

Fill the House with Flowers

A fresh bouquet of flowers has the power to bring life to any room in your home. Visit your local florists to find flowers that boast bright shades of pink and purple to make your kitchen, den or living room stand out. In addition to flowers, you can also decorate your home for spring with a variety of fresh plants. This purifies the air in your home and could be beneficial for loved ones with allergies.

Update Your Centrepieces

If you have centrepieces of your dining room or coffee tables that feature the jewel tones of fall and winter, give them a spring update. Fresh or synthetic daisies are a beautiful choice. Or, you can fill wooden bowls with fresh spring fruits like melons or cherries. Add potpourri that features these fruity scents to give your home a springtime fragrance that you’ll love to come home to.

Throw In the Pillows

Change out your neutral or dark-coloured throw pillows for ones that celebrate the spring season. Sophisticated tie-dye designs and floral prints can instantly give your sofa or love seat a new look. You can also purchase some over-sized through pillows in vibrant hues to create additional seating for the guests you’ll invite over for your springtime celebrations.

Change Your Linens 

Finally, give your linens an update. If you’ve been using wool comforters, swap these out for cotton comforters that feature images from nature such as leaves or branches. Linens that remind you of your favourite things about spring, such as a bright yellow or orange comforter to represent the warm weather or a comforter in shades of blue to signify the rainy portion of spring, can make your room more inviting. Of course, you can never go wrong with crisp white linens, which look great no matter what pillow shams and comforter you choose.

Photo by Beth Keim

By Shondell Varcianna

March 06, 2015