What Else Can I Do With My Blog?

Written by Jill Kennedy of That’s the Idea


So, you’ve been blogging and have not seen a ton of traction. There are many strategies to optimize your blog post’s views and interactions so why not get the blood pumping to the rest of your social body? Let’s explore some strategies to make the most of your blog.


The Heart: Blog

The blog is the core of your online presence. It is the where it all begins. Develop well-researched and digestible content to be kept here in the hub. When you have sent out your writing for editing, add eye catching images and embed relevant videos to your posts. Check out how to embed a video on Wordpress and Blogger.


The Blood & Veins: Content Snippets and Social Sharing

Develop small snapshots of your blog posts – the blood – in a series of media forms and share them out. Social sharing – the veins – is the virtual word of mouth for your content. Connect your posts with social sharing buttons to get the most reach for your postings.


Link to your blog in your email marketing campaign

Include a short written preview of your post with a call to action to “read on” at the end of it. If you blog regularly, send it out on a schedule so your audience can expect it.

  •       Share it out on social media

Share your post with your audience on each channel. Test out different, relevant prompts across your channels and see which channels draw in the most viewership and interactions. Make sure to send out a tweet about your blog, share your created image on a Pinterest board and in an Instagram post and post the blog on your Facebook and Google+ pages.

  •       Post it on LinkedIn’s publishing tool

To optimize your reach and feedback, share your blog on LinkedIn as a new post. This will allow your business network to engage with it. People are keen engaging with content in a professional, online setting.

  •       Quote a line from your blog and create an image for it.

This is a great strategy used to share out on visual mediums such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. Create the image on Adobe Illustrator or for free using tools such as iPiccy to edit. Include a link to the post in the status update.

  •       Record a 30 second to 1 minute video clip offering one of the tips featured in your blog.

Take time to record a short video elaborating on a snippet of your blog post. The video can be edited using software such as Adobe Premiere or for free using Kate’s Video ToolKit. Provide a short transcription of the video and a link to your blog in the description. This video can be embedded into your blog post to allow users on the go a quick glimpse into what you will be discussing.

  •       Shout out to those who have asked you questions that have shaped your blog posts

If someone asked you a question that inspired your content, make sure to shout out and credit them. Always check with them and receive permission beforehand. The goal here is to build your content around your community.


What other ways can your blog be optimized on the web? Share below.


Image Credit: Death To The Stock Photo

By Andrew Patricio

March 04, 2015