5 Creative Nursery Trends

It’s an exciting time for the decorating world, especially when it comes to innovative and creative nursery trends. As we’ve come to understand the developmental process more, it’s becoming clear that the environment around a child as they grow can have a profound effect on how they evolve cognitively over time. By making use of unique, inspiring, and eye catching designs in these spaces you are able to stimulate the infants mind, helping them to process the world in a more complete manner.

1. Themed Nurseries

This is a great idea for a variety of nurseries, and it is one of the simplest decorative trends that you can indulge in. The theme itself leads the entire process, allowing you to simply add features and decorations as you see fit. If the child is old enough to talk then you may want to get feedback from them on what the theme should be. Otherwise there are a variety of movies, cartoons, and books that can be chosen from.

In some cases an educational theme may be desired in order to inspire a love of learning in the infant. There are a number of options here as well. Many people like to go with outer space, as the visuals of stars, suns, and moons can be quite attractive even to youthful eyes. Other people will choose a jungle themed nursery, or an underwater adventure, with a crib set up to look like a little submarine floating in a sea of blue.

2. Interactive Elements

Many people are starting to design nurseries that are built with fun interactive elements scattered throughout the environment. The most iconic of these are novelty beds which are built to look like race cars, castles, or secret forts. It’s also possible to arrange stuffed animals, dolls, or figures around the room in various poses, which the child can then actually play with. Blocks are another great interactive choice, as they can be used by even young infants still learning to crawl or walk.

3. Wall Decor

There is a strong trend in nursery design towards the use of decorative wall elements. This can consist of posters, pictures, and other common pieces, as well as decals that can be peeled and stuck in different places, and stencils which can be drawn directly onto the surface.

4. Dramatic Colours

It has long been known that the presence of interesting and striking colours can help to stimulate a child’s mind. That has led to a nursery trend where dramatic hues, and contrasting tones are paired, to create an environment that is visually intriguing. This can be done both on the surfaces such as walls and flooring, as well as through the use of bright furnishings and furniture pieces.

5. Illumination

There are a number of ways that you can use light to put delight into a child’s nursery. The most common will be the use of fun table lamps, featuring characters from their favourite shows and movies. You can also get creative, stringing Christmas lights from the walls, or using lava lamps and coloured bulbs to create other worldly effects.

Picture by Ontorejo collection

By Shondell Varcianna

February 20, 2015