5 Tips to Stay Organized in 2015

One of the keys to a happy and successful life is to stay organized. If this is one of your goals for 2015, then here are 5 tips that you can use.

1. Set a goal (or goals):

Setting a goal or goals is the first step toward staying organized. Once you have a goal, you will, whether consciously or unconsciously, make an effort to organize your activities towards achieving that goal. For example, if your goal is to land a job with a six-figure salary by the end of the year, you will do everything that is necessary to get such a job, such as grooming yourself to make yourself more presentable, studying to make yourself more knowledgeable in your field of work, being on the lookout for job vacancies, having an updated resume and networking.

2. Get a calendar:

A calendar is not just a collection of tables with days and dates; it’s a visual picture of the year ahead of you. While there are electronic calendars on your computer, tablet and mobile phone, getting a printed calendar helps puts things in better perspective. Place the calendar on your work table or anywhere within easy reach. Make it a habit to go through it at least once every day. Mark special days with a colored marker, and jot down notes and remarks wherever needed. You will soon find yourself following a pattern, which is essential to getting organized.

3. Maintain a diary:

Are you in the habit of writing a diary? You should develop the habit if you want to stay organized. A diary is a great way to record your past and plan your future. Again, while there are digital diaries on your computer, tablet and mobile phone, buy a printed diary to get a better perspective of things. Hand-writing may be tiresome, but it also gives you a lot of time to put your thoughts into words. Make entries in all the pages or boxes of special dates in advance. Every night before going to bed, write down your thoughts and about the events of the day.

4. Create a checklist of things to accomplish:

When your calendar is full of important things to do, it is easy to overlook things that do not seem important at the moment. So create a list of list of things to do in order of importance. Now put the tasks in chronological order, beginning with the top priority task. You can create the list on your computer, tablet or mobile phone, or write it down in a notebook. Make it a habit to look at the list at least once a day, so that you will always know what needs to be done. Cross out each task as you accomplish it.

5. Clean your home and office:

You can’t stay organized in the midst of clutter; so clean your home and office. Get rid of all the things that you do not need. Place all the things you will need neatly in their proper places. By the time you finish, your home and office should give the impression that you are ready and prepared to face the challenges of a brand new year.

Picture by Roscoe Ellis

By Shondell Varcianna

January 30, 2015