Fun Indoor Winter Activities To Do With the Kids

The winter weather offers the perfect opportunity to have fun with your kids with indoor activities. Here are 7 fun indoor activities to do with the kids when it is freezing outside:

1. Watch Children's Movies:

There are lots of good children's movies that both children and adults can enjoy. Some of the latest include Frozen, How to Train Your Dragon 2, Ice Age 4, Mr. Peabody & Sherman, and Despicable Me 2. Even if your children have already seen these movies, they will still love to watch them with you.

2. Teach Them to Cook:

If your children are old enough to handle pots and pans without dropping them, then teach them to cook. Choose easy-to-prepare everyday items, such as an egg sandwich. Show them how to prepare the dish, getting them involved in every step from the beginning to the end. Once they get the idea, let them do it by themselves.

3. Read Classic Books:

There is not a single child who does not love classic fairly tales like Cinderella, Rapunzel and Snow White. Get one of those colorfully illustrated books from the local book store, gather the kids around the fireplace (if you have one) or in bed, and then read it to them. Make it interesting by acting out each character with an appropriate voice and facial expressions.

4. Play Scrabble:

Playing scrabble is a great way to improve your children's vocabulary. While the game can be played on the computer, it is more fun to play with an actual board. Let your kids form their own words, but give them suggestions when they are stuck. And make sure that you do not use words they cannot understand.

5. Play Puzzle Board:

Puzzles are very challenging and your children will love to put the pieces together if you play with them. You can play either on the computer or with an actual puzzle board if you have one. Let the kids find and place the puzzles in their right place themselves, but make sure that you get involved by offering suggestions and help find the pieces so that they will not lose interest.

6. Play Monopoly:

Playing monopoly with your children is the perfect way to introduce them to the concept of wealth and bankruptcy, which they will find very useful when they become adults. Make sure that each child plays by the rules and no one tries to cheat.

7. Build a Maze:

Children love to play in a maze. The good news is that you don't need any special equipment to build one at home. Arrange the sofas, chairs, tables and other furniture items in your living room to create walls and intricate pathways. Make sure that there is only one entry point and exit point. Once it is ready, play with the kids. Make it interesting for them by losing your way deliberately.

Picture by Josef 

By Shondell Varcianna

January 16, 2015