5 People You Know Who Need a Martian Notifier

With the rising popularity of smartwatches, many have questioned how useful these new devices are. Between tablets, smartphones, laptops and more, it’s easy to stay connected, so why get another device?

As convenient as all those gadgets may make it to stay in touch, there are a lot of circumstances where you can’t have a clunky digital device out in the open. That’s where a sleek smartwatch comes in. If you’re looking for a great gift this season, here are some people in your life that could really benefit from a Martian Notifier, now available at Staples.ca.

1. College Students

With the rise of technology comes the rise of new rules that past generations never had to deal with. To keep a class of distracted students focused, most teachers have a “no phone” policy. And while it’s best to stay engaged in school, there are some scenarios where students may need to remain accessible.
A smartwatch can keep the college student in your life connected without the tempting distractions of Facebook, Instagram and Angry Birds.

2. The 9 – 5er

Teens and young adults are not the only ones who get cut off from technology. Some work places have fairly strict policies about having a phone out while employees are at their desk.  This can present a problem for parents and spouses who have to be available for emergency phone calls from family.  If you know someone who is impossible to get a hold of during the daily grind, they might be a little more reachable if they receive notifications on their wrist.

3. Parents

Whether they’re carrying groceries or holding a baby there are times when a parent’s hands just can’t reach for the phone.  This doesn’t mean they should miss an important call from the school or a reminder about soccer practice. Get the busy parent you know a one-stop accessory that will keep them on schedule and in the know.

4. Teenagers

Today’s teens live in a very digital world. Their friends, their school work and their entertainment are all housed in their devices. And while you may not be able to get them to turn it off for the night, you may be able to compromise with a smartwatch.
Allow your teen to stay in tune with their online life while also engaging in the real world. Enjoy a dinner without the distraction and without angering your teen by cutting them off entirely.

5. The Small Business Owner

If you know someone who owns their own business, you’ve probably noticed it’s difficult for them to get away. It seems that every email, text or phone call can make or break them. Similar to teenagers, they are often the ones in social settings glued to their phones.

While the importance of the messages they receive can’t be reduced, it is possible to give them some reprieve from screens by having important notifications sent to their Martian Notifier. This way, they know when something major is coming through instead of checking for an emergency every time their phone buzzes or the computer dings.

Think about who in your life could use a break from their smartphones or an extra hand. The Martian Notifier is a great way to get all the important messages you need without relying on your clumsier devices being open all day.

By Michelle Janzso

December 14, 2014

Staples Canada