Bringing Holiday Spirit to Your Clients This Season

By Susan Payton, Small Business Content Developer at

 The holidays are the perfect opportunity to show your clients how much you appreciate their business. Something as simple as sending a physical holiday card in the mail can be enough to solidify that professional relationship and ensure customer loyalty.  These tips will help you connect with your clients and keep them coming back.

Send a Holiday Card

Holiday cards have gotten so sophisticated: now you can customize them with your logo and personalized message printed inside. You can even include a photo of your team on the card.

Holiday Hints:

  • Order cards early so you have time to get them printed, signed, sealed, and delivered to clients.

  • Keep the theme neutral, focused on “holidays,” as not everyone celebrates Christmas.

  • Keep a file of past holiday cards you send so you never send the same one twice.

Send Creative Gifts

Who doesn’t like getting a gift this time of year? You can send something company-centric, like a calendar with your products highlighted each month, or a more general gift, like a basket of goodies.

Holiday Hints:

  • Think outside the box: a photographer could send a photo book of client shots to them.

  • Look at how long a client has been with you and determine tiers of spending that are appropriate.

  • Find out client’s policy for accepting gifts. If it’s a B2B client, there may be rules against it.

Invite Them to Share in the Festivities

Another way to show your appreciation of your clients is to host a holiday party and invite them. This is a great opportunity for you to unwind and enjoy good cheer together.

Holiday Hints:

  • Make clients feel special by sending an invite in the mail.

  • Assign an employee to act as client liaison and make them feel extra special.

  • Consider hosting the event in your office so they become comfortable there and see what you do.

Final Tips for Success

Whichever options you go for, start your planning early. You will need to gather physical addresses, so make sure you have the most updated address for your files. If you are ordering gifts from elsewhere, you will need time for those to ship, and you certainly want them to arrive before Christmas! Keep a record as well of the gifts you send, and aim for variety each year.

Be conscious that not everyone celebrates Christmas, and not everyone drinks alcohol. So before sending an expensive bottle of wine to a client, check to find out if your client drinks. Or stay on the safe side and choose a different gift.

You’ll save yourself a headache if you order the same gift (or a small assortment) for all clients rather than handpicking each one. You may be able to realize cost savings as well, as some gift companies offer bulk discounts.

Use this season to step back from the business interactions and acknowledge your clients for their continued support of your company.



By Michelle Janzso

November 04, 2014

Staples Canada