Get Your Holiday Favourites This Christmas

The Christmas holiday season is approaching and before you realize it, it will be just a few days away. When the day arrives, you should be ready with your decorations and gifts. So, don't wait until the last day; do your shopping when there is still a lot of time left. If you want to avoid the crowd and get cheaper gifts, then the right time to shop is now.

Here are some holiday gift ideas:

  • Digital photo frame: Christmas is a time for taking pictures and sharing them with friends and family. Since everything has gone digital, why shouldn't the photo frame which has been a permanent fixture in every home since photography began, be digital as well. You could buy an Aluratek 14" Digital Photo Frame with Built-in Memory this Christmas. Whether you want to buy one for yourself and as a gift for someone else, it is great for keeping the memories of Christmas and the holidays close to your heart.

  • Coffee Maker: If you like a hot cup of coffee every morning, chances are your friends and family like it as well. It’s a great gift for someone who likes making his/her own coffee. Keurig Coffee Makers have been a favourite among coffee lovers for years. The great thing about coffee makers is that it can be used at both home and the office.

  • Wall calendar: A timeless gift, wall calendars are great for ushering in the new year. Even in this digital era, where there is a calendar on everyone's computer, tablet and smartphone, old-fashioned wall calendars are still popular. This year, go for something a little different and try the 2015 TF Publishing 16-Month Wall Calendar for yourself as well as to give as a gift. This calendar has all the important dates and events prominently printed on big grids, so that you will not miss any important dates.

  • Digital fireplace: What could be better than a fireplace to warm your Christmas? But if you don't want a real, old-fashioned fireplace, you can still create the impression of having one in your home. The Holiday Fireplace in HD (DVD) is great for creating the digital replica of a fireplace in your living room while hosting your guests. Complete with crackling sounds and images of flames leaping up, it's just the thing you need to have your own 'White Christmas'.

  • Gift cards: Do you spend several days every year looking for the right Christmas gift for those  relatives and friends who have it all? After going through all of that trouble of looking for a gift that may end up being re-gifted for someone else or tossed in the garbage if it’s not needed, why not try a gift card. It’s very rare that someone will through out a gift card. It also gives them the opportunity to purchase whatever they want.

Picture by Henrik Lonnevi

By Shondell Varcianna

October 31, 2014