Getting to the root of mompreneurs’ motivations

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As Small Business Month gets underway, mompreneurs may want to take a moment to look back on everything they've done to get where they are today. Running a successful company isn't easy, especially when trying to care for a family at the same time.

Thankfully, if mompreneurs keep up with current business trends they may be able to harness some of the advantages they provide to cut down on costs and even save precious time that can be redirected toward their kids.

Remember the reason
When things get overwhelming and concerns over finances and the work-life balance flood mompreneurs' minds, it helps to remember the reason why they do what they do to reestablish clarity and motivation. Trends can give businesses an edge over the competition, but it's up to mothers to embrace them with open arms.

According to a survey by Sage and Mompreneur, most mompreneurs started their own company to do what they love and to be able to focus more on raising their children. Of course, everyone likes being their own boss too, but when moms decide to embark on their business journey, 87 per cent expect it to be at least a five year commitment.

In order to survive in the sometimes turbulent business world, mompreneurs need to learn early on the importance of adapting to the industry and the trends that define it.

Wielding trends to succeed
Many of the crazes taking companies by storm involve new technological innovations. As devices and software become more cost-effective, they spread to every sector.

Mompreneurs don't always have the luxury of turning to an accounting team or professional expert to help them with their finances. However, as accounting software becomes more widespread, mompreneurs can utilize such programs to eliminate mistakes and streamline time-consuming processes.

It's pivotal for mompreneurs to keep up-to-date with current technological trends to guarantee the security of their systems and sensitive information as well. Threats evolve every day, but so do the security measures to combat them.

Business trends progress in the direction of making things easier for those who run the companies. Mompreneurs can directly benefit from these fads by simplifying procedures so they can enjoy more time with their families.

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By Michelle Janzso

October 17, 2014

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