Starting a Successful Business in Canada

BY  Self-Counsel Press staff writer

In my business, it’s not often that you read about people like me.

I’m the modern day Ronald Wayne. Never heard of him?  That’s because Ronald Wayne was really good at being the quiet power in the background behind inventor Steve Wozniak and powerhouse visionary Steve Jobs.

That’s right, while ‘Woz’ was dreaming up Apple’s latest toys and ‘Jobs’ was being their company’s public pitch man, it was Ronald Wayne who kept the lights on. That’s me. That’s what I do for my Woz and Jobs. I keep the lights on for the visionaries and inventors who I work with.

Most people would rather be in the limelight, but I’m happy making sure the limelight still has the wattage to shine.

I’m writing this blog as a little secret for all the Robert Wayne’s in the wild start-up frenzy across Canada right now.

There’s a friend in the business world that you have to add to your workflow.

It’s Staples.  I know, what you’re thinking already. Of course you know about Staples, you get all your paper, folders and even some of your furniture there already.

Did you know they’ve got a book title section which will save you money, time and headaches?

It may seem rudimentary that when you’re incorporating a company in Canada, you’ll need the basic incorporation forms – all of which you can find online from each Province. What the online forms from the government don’t give you is the insight you need.

Staples carries a title that has saved my bacon more than twice. It’s called STARTING A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS IN CANADA KIT which covers the tax laws, keeping proper records, hiring good employees and making use of government incentive programs.  Basically, everything I’ve ever relied upon to get up and running.

Starting a Successful Biz- 3D


Recently, I had some major players sniffing around two of my little companies. I’m here to tell you, having all of my legal I’s dotted and T’s crossed made talking potential buy out possible. Prospective buyers won’t touch a poorly structured start-up no matter how revolutionary your product is.

This was Ronald Wayne’s brilliance: setting up Apple administratively so that it could grow into the dominant force it now is.  Though we’ve never met, but he’s been my mentor through my entire career and still is even now.

Speaking of having the right people around, Staples has another title in their business section that I have to admit has become a bit of a secret weapon for me. It’s the EMPLOYEE MANAGEMENT FORMS KIT. We’ve all had hiring snafus. No one’s perfect and each of us can be charmed by first impressions. So, having the right contracts for new employees has been a business-saver when some of those new hires turned out to be bad decisions.

I don’t think I’ll ever evolve into one of those guys who can get up in front of a crowd and tell you about our products. Walking a conference forum through our business models or workflows is my kind of nightmare. So this isn’t a stepping stone job for me.  My profession is behind the scenes and I’m happy to be that guy. This is why having a solid administrative foundation for every company I start-up, every entrepreneur’s visionary plan and every brilliant nerd I do business with, is my priority.

By delivering on my promise to keep the lights on, it allows my out front partners to maximize their time in the spotlight so that we all win.  In Canada right now, the wins are bigger than they ever have been and so that little concept you’re ruminating on actually has a chance in the international marketplace.  All the more reason to have your company set up right.

By Adam

October 06, 2014