5 Interesting Resources for Teachers

Back-to-school is a busy, sometimes hectic, period of the year, especially for teachers.
Teachers have a million things on their mind and sometimes need a little help in finding fun, unique and creative ways to teach tough subjects to their students.
Here are five resources to help your students get excited the moment they walk through that door.


Pinterest is a social network that allows teachers to get inspired and organized–fast! A good place to start is this webpage, pinterest.com/teachers, which has loads of ideas presented by grade level or topic. Create a profile and take the time to browse freely. You’ll find a steady flow of ideas to last you the entire school year.  Staples has launched several back-to-school-themed Pinterest boards, each offering ideas and tips for teachers of any grade level.


If you’re one who believes that Facebook is not a great tool both in and out of a classroom, think again. The fact is there are many Facebook pages that contain thousands of ideas, resources and activities for the classroom. Simply join a group and ask away.


Earth Day Canada

Learning about the environment should be a yearlong activity. In fact, one could argue it’s best to learn about recycling and other sustainability-related topics outside of April–the month traditionally reserved for cleanup activities. That way your students can learn and dabble on their own all year–and tackle larger, group-based, projects in April. To equip you for learning all year long, be sure to consult resources like those from Earth Day Canada, http://www.earthday.ca/teachers. And, because students are the primary “consumers” of tomorrow, don’t feel like you have to shy away from speaking to them about partnerships between companies and causes. If we want improvements in sustainability, we’ll need to recognize and reward companies that work towards positive change and innovation.

iMovie Trailers

Trailers can be fun, educational and thought provoking (they’re also short and digestible!). Use iMovie–or other readily available software - to create your own trailer and get your students engaged in any topic, experiment or book. Settings usually allow users to film short clips, which can then be combined into a trailer. Chances are your students can easily create trailers as well–alone or in groups–to support assignments like a public service announcements or community clean up effort. Encourage creativity and see what students can come up with.

Special Offers and Discounts

Over the years, Staples has developed a growing partnership with Canadian teachers that has resulted in special deals, community projects, promotions and resources that can help teachers at all levels. Be sure to visit the Staples Canada Facebook page and this blog on or after August 13 to learn more about Staples’ 2014 Teacher Appreciation Event–and expect discounts, a special gift and bonus Airmiles offer.
What resources are you using to prepare your lessons?
Share with us.

By Adam

August 20, 2014