Summer Stress and Back-to-School

By Chrys Goyens, author, father of four
One would think that mid-summer might be the least stressful season, what with the nice weather, visits to the beach, long weekends and evenings with friends. After all, summer is the season of R&R for Canadian students who ditch their parkas and snow boots and enjoy the great things that summer has to offer.
What could possibly challenge this wonderful reverie?
A recent survey of 2,019 Canadian back-to-school shoppers, the second annual Staples Canada Back-to-School Study, had many interesting results, including one which said that just under half (49 %) of Canadian seasonal shoppers find the season stressful. Inasmuch as 33% of Canadians, more than 11 million, will shop for school supplies this year, that is a significant finding.
What are the stressors students face in mid-summer? The survey also explored this question and the survey respondents said the leading factor was financial pressures. The other half of the question has to do when they begin to possibly feel the back-to-school stress. Eighty-nine per cent seemed to prefer shopping for back-to-school in August, well above the 60% who preferred shopping in September, so Canadian students are, on the whole, not procrastinators.
Being prepared ahead of time makes all the difference in the world!

Here’s some advice to reduce the stress on the financial side:

• Check out promotions−yes, the deal ‘app’ on your mobile device but also old-school flyers−for the best deals
• Calculate your budget, and make sure you save a reasonable amount for basic supplies and perhaps a nice new tech toy/tool
• Decide where you will shop for the best deals and the least stress
• Take advantage of the presence of in-store consultants to make your shopping experience seamless and hassle-free
• Search online or on retailers’ apps before buying
• Start early, finish early and head back to the cottage stress-free before you head off to school….and pass the suntan lotion!

By Guest Dev

August 17, 2014