Back-to-School Tips for High Schoolers

In your early years of life, back-to-school was mainly a parents-only process for mum or dad. But you’re in High School now, and you should actively participate in the return to classes, both in the preparation of school lists and the search for the best deals available. It’s so important to learn about and remember the money aspect of the season. It will be greatly appreciated, especially if you have younger siblings who still demand a great deal of parental attention. Here’s what you can do to impress your parents–earning much-valued brownie points along the way.

  1. Check out the Back-to-School flyers from companies like Staples, especially those with high tech products. Budget permitting, you could benefit from a laptop, tablet or 2-in-1. But remember this: They represent the single-most expensive back-to-school item so proceed with caution and with maturity.

  2. Recognize value for money—it is a life lesson well worth learning at this age as it will serve you well throughout the years.

  3. Accompany your parent(s) to the back-to-school sales, or spend some time with them online.

  4. In-store, seek out sales consultants and their advice on the location of items, as well as the various price ranges.

  5. If your school has someone who can give you advice on items on the school list, seek out this person for clarification or to answer any questions you might have (and then pass on the answers to your parents).

  6. Help your parents with the budgetting for your supplies; learning the process will prove to be a valuable life lesson and something you’ll use over and over.

  7. If you or your parents are too busy to go to the store together, shop online together. The Online Shopping Cart is a valuable aid in budgetting as you go.

  8. When it comes to clothing, meet your parents halfway, regarding fashions versus durability.

  9. Try to get to the back-to-school sales early; the longer you put it off, the greater the chance of inventory shortages and less choice available to you.

Enjoy the rest of the summer; school is looming in the rearview mirror.

By Adam

August 17, 2014