Protect Your Stuff

For a large number of college students, school is somewhere where learning takes place far from home, where they live in an on-campus dorm or off-campus apartment, usually shared with others.
For those students who have shelled out significant dollars in the purchase of school equipment, especially on high tech products, the security and safety of said equipment is paramount.
“Laptops, tablet, smartphones and the like are among the items that are stolen, or broken the most on campus and off,” says Elena Delli Pizzi, Category Manager at Staples Canada. “And for many students it won’t be the cost of replacing these items that is most problematic; instead is the information stored on and within. We have several ways of helping students protect these items.”
1. When you buy a laptop, purchase a special dorm room locker that can protect those items when you are out and about campus in non-educational pursuits. You can’t and won’t always be lugging your laptop all over campus, although you always will have your smartphone with you.

2. Always enquire about protective cases and cover options−at least to learn about the need for protection and the options available to you.

3. Buy laptop locks that can be fixed to your dorm room desk and double or triple lock it.

4. Visualize the worst happening to your tech−you dropping it on the ground, in a puddle of water etc.−and consider how long you want the item to last. Compare these realities with your budget and existing materials you may have at home. Bottom line: think about how you can protect your investment.

5. Use cloud storage where you can “park your paper” somewhere else for retrieval later should through misfortune or carelessness you lose your laptop. A university level paper, which often can be the product of several months of work, needs to be protected, even more than the equipment used to write it on. Hence, off-site storage as back up.

6. Buy theft insurance for your domicile. It will prove well worth it in case of theft.

7. Always be careful about your equipment and place of residence.
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By Adam

August 17, 2014