Spruce up Your Home This Summer with These Tips

Summer is here again and if you haven't already spruced up your home, then it's time to start now. While you may already have carried out much of the cleaning in spring, the hot season comes with its own set of requirements. If you are ready by the time the summer heat arrives, you may find living in your own home very uncomfortable. 

So here are 6 tips tips to spruce up your home this summer:

1. Vacuum the floors and sofas

Your carpets and sofas may have gathered some dust, molds and cobwebs since you last cleaned them. If you don't clean them now, the hot and humid air can make them worse. So vacuum all your rooms thoroughly. Pay special attention to the corners and difficult places. You may need to set aside an entire day for the job. If you don't have the time or energy, consider hiring someone to help you out.

2. Replace the curtains and draperies

If you still have the thick and heavy draperies that were so useful in shielding you from the cold in winter, then it's time to replace them with lighter ones to let the air flow in. Keep the windows open during the day, but let the curtains hang to prevent the hot sun from pouring into your rooms. To give your rooms a summery feel, choose materials with light and sunny colors.

3. Replace the beddings, blankets and pillow covers

The beginning of summer is a good time to replace the beddings and blankets with fresh new ones. Choose materials with bright and vibrant colors so that the entire room acquires a sunny look. Blankets, comforters, duvet covers and pillow covers with flowery patterns in bright yellow, red, pink, light blue and white go very well with summer.

4. Repaint the walls, doors and windows

If you think your walls, doors and windows need repainting, then now would be a great time if you haven’t had a chance. Painting can be quite time consuming, so if you have the time you can do it yourself, or you could hire a contractor. Make sure that the painters remove the dust and cobwebs from the walls before painted. Choose light colors for the walls and contrasting colors for the doors and windows.

5. Repair / replace hardware and fixtures

Check the hardware and fixtures, such as door handles, window latches and lighting fixtures and either repair or replace them depending on their condition. While you are at it, don't forget the fixtures in the bathroom, kitchen, attic and corridors. If you haven't had them replaced for many years, then go for new and stylish designs that give your home a new look.

6. Add greenery to your home

Plants add greenery to your room and also serve as a natural air purifier by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. Get some indoor plants and place them at appropriate places in your living room, bedrooms and corridors. Some of the plants that are great for improving indoor air quality are aloe vera, spider plant, Gerber daisy, snake plant, golden pothos and chrysanthemum.

What are you doing to spruce up your home this summer?

Photo by Felicity Blumenthal



By Shondell Varcianna

July 18, 2014