How to Prepare for the First Day of School

By Shondell Varcianna


Going back to school after summer vacation can be fun. You get to see all of your friends that you didn’t see over the summer and tell them all the adventures you experienced during your summer break. It is reassuring to see familiar faces along with a few new ones when you return. But preparing for the first day can also be daunting. There will be clothes, books and stationeries to buy, transportation to arrange and many other things to do.


Here are some tips on how to prepare for the first day of school:


1.     Get your clothes ready:

Whether you are a student or a teacher, knowing what you are going to wear in advance will save you a lot of stress on the first day of school. If your old clothes are worn out, consider buying new clothes. If they are torn at the seams, have them sewn. If they are stained, have the stains removed at home or professionally.


2.     Purchase books, stationeries and supplies:

Prepare a list of the books and stationeries you will need at least a few weeks before the term begins and go shopping. Buy what you need now. Depending on your grade, you may need one or more folders, pencils, pens, scissors, paper etc.


3.     Arrange transportation:

Whether you will be using public transportation or a car, you want to make those arrangements well before the first day of school. If you are using public transportation, find out what the schedule is before the first day of school to ensure you arrive on time.


4.     Be mentally prepared for changes:

Many things may have changed over the summer. There may have been structural changes, such as new buildings and facilities, or other changes like a new principal, new teachers and new administrative staff. Some of your classmates (or colleagues) may also have moved out of town or to another school. On the other hand, new students may have joined your class. So, be mentally prepared for the changes.


5.     Be optimistic:

Whether you are a teacher or student, there will be many challenges for you. You can either run (which will get you nowhere) or face them with fortitude. Whatever you do at school will determine the course of your future. So, be optimistic. Always look at the bright side of everything. There will be good days and bad days; you will taste the sweet aroma of success and the bitter taste of failure. So be optimistic. Prepare yourself to work hard and believe in a bright future.


How do you prepare for the first day of school?

By Shondell Varcianna

July 14, 2014