5 Great Mother’s Day Tech Gifts

Though tech gifts aren’t the first thing that typically comes to mind for Mother’s Day, there are some tech items that might just light up Mom’s face this year. Even if the mom in your life isn’t particularly techy you might just come across something on this list of five items that she’ll love. So, here goes:


1.     E-Reader

If Mom doesn’t have an e-reader yet, it’s time to bring her into the 21st century. E-readers not only make getting great new books easy to do right from your couch, but bringing an e-reader on vacation sure beats lugging a pile of books. If you’re thinking about giving the mom in your life an e-reader this year, two great choices are the Kindle Paperwhite or the Kobo Aura.


2.     Laptop or Tablet Bag

Finding a functional laptop or tablet bag is always a challenge for busy moms. Giving Mom the perfect laptop or tablet bag will turn you into a Mother’s Day hero. Of course, it’s important to know the size of the laptop or tablet the mom in your life will be carrying in the bag. It’s also useful to know what other items she typically carries, so you can get something that fits everything. Check out this selection of laptop and tablet bags.


3.     Photo Book or Calendar

Capturing memories with their families is something a lot of moms like to do. Sadly, with the disappearance of printed photographs, these pictures often sit on a computer or hard drive somewhere without being seen. Getting these photos on paper so Mom can look them every day is a thoughtful gift that she’ll love. Creating a calendar or photo book using some of her favourite photos is easy with Staples Copy & Print Centre’s online software.


 4. Portable Battery

Running around between work and picking kids up from soccer practice or dance class often means that Mom’s cell phone battery doesn’t last as long as she does. Having a portable phone battery that fits in her purse is a great, functional gift that Mom will appreciate on busy days. Portable batteries come in a couple of flavours, you can go with a portable charger that connects via USB or you can check out cases with built in batteries that a phone its right into. Check out this selection of portable batteries for mobile devices.


5. Apple iPod Nano

The newest Apple iPod Nano is a great companion for workouts and walks. A Nano not only makes a great Mother’s Day gift but it can also be personalized by loading up some of her favourite songs and even creating playlists for different activities—it’s like creating a mix tape for her, 2014 style.


If you have other suggestions for winning Mother’s Day gifts, let us know in the comments.

By Mike Agerbo

May 06, 2014