5 Best Spring Toys

There is something absolutely beautiful about the onset of spring.  Although it “technically” starts in March, clearly this was decided by individuals who did not come from the Great White North.  For most of us, March still has snow and April has the rain, but May?  May brings us the sun, the flowers in bloom, the onset of green landscapes, and the sound of children outside long after dinner, waiting for the sun to start to set.  It’s a time of play and enjoyment for kids of all ages, and here are five toys bound to make spring that much more fun for all of you.

1.  “Sand” toys.  Traditionally used only in the sandbox, these toys – including the shovel, pail, hoe, moulds, etc. – are actually wonderful for gardening or simply digging for worms in a patch of dirt (a favourite pastime of many, many children).  It’s really rather amazing how many things children can find to dig if you only give them the tool and a receptacle for it.  Of course, they are also good in the sandbox or at the beach as well; after all, even if it’s too cold to go in the water, it’s not too cold to dig in the sand.

2.  The Stick.  Yes, sticks.  We have a collection here and they are wonderful and used for all sorts of things.  Need a magic wand?  Bingo.  Need a sword?  You got it.  Need to dig and don’t have a shovel?  Use the stick.  Seriously, it may be the most versatile toy around.

3.  The Bicycle or Scooter.  The point of good weather is to be outside to enjoy it, and what better way than getting around town on a bike or scooter?  Kids love them, it tires them out, and thus they even sleep better.  If you want to be going longer distances or have kids that are still working up to a manual scooter or bike, or you just want something cool, there are electric scooters that are perfect for kids.  For the adults who want to enjoy too, there are some electric scooters and bikes for you too, it’s not just for kids!

4.  Bug-catching kits.  Just as kids like to dig for worms, they also like finding and touching and catching every bug around.  For most children, there is no “Ew” factor so they get to enjoy nature’s creepy-crawlies with abandon.  If you want to go one step further, you can also buy a “raise and release” set which includes baby bugs that kids can watch grow and transform.  Often they send butterflies or ladybirds and they send you all you need to keep them alive and then let them go (i.e., they are species that are safe in your neck of the woods).

5.  All of Nature.  In all reality you need to buy very little if you can get out to parks and forests and beaches at this time of year.  Trees, rocks, and logs serve as climbing structures whereas bugs, butterflies, and worms as objects of interest.  There are places to play hide and seek, places to go on treasure hunts (with shells, rocks, sticks and more as your treasures), and places to run wild.  The joy of spring is that we can be outside and what better way to enjoy being outside than to enjoy it as nature intended?

By Tracy Cassels

May 05, 2014