5 Reasons Your Biz Should ‘Hop’ on the Easter Bandwagon

By Stefanie Neyland, Small Business Content Developer at Bizlaunch.com

That’s right—Easter is just around the corner, and guess what? Given that it’s one of the most profitable holidays on the calendar, it offers the perfect opportunity to kickstart a themed marketing campaign to get your biz’s profits leaping. If you don’t have any big Easter plans lined up yet to reel in your customers, here are some egg-cellent ideas you can draw upon to boost your sales this spring.


1. Create a gift guide

Everyone wants to buy a little something—particularly for the younger members of the family—at this time of year, but sometimes finding the perfect present is easier said than done. Tap into your buyers’ desire to find that ideal something by creating a gift guide that offers suggested selections for friends and family members based on their likes and interests. Consider promoting the Easter gift guide with an email newsletter—it could attract a considerable number of customers to your online or retail store.


2. Sponsor an event

In most cities, towns and villages across the country, there are guaranteed to be hundreds of community-run Easter events taking place. Consider sponsoring or taking part in one by offering free food, drinks or goodies to attendees—and be sure to hand out a flyer or coupon with a great offer each time you offer up a treat. It’s a great way to get cheap exposure for your business and leverage the magic of Easter as part of your overall marketing strategy.

3. Run a contest

Why not run an Easter contest to generate some egg-citement and buzz before the big weekend? Invite people to decorate their own easter egg to submit for a competition and allow your social media followers and visitors to your website to pick the winner. In doing so, participants will share their entries with their friends and family on social media, thus driving even more people to your website and increasing your online visibility.


4. Be Easter Bunny for a day

So long as it’s not bills and the like, we all love to receive little surprises in the mail. Select your most loyal clients and customers to receive a special Easter gift from your biz—this could be in the form of a easter egg, chocolates, a product sample, a gift certificate or a special coupon. Whatever it is you choose, make sure you let them know that they’re being rewarded for their loyalty to your business.


5. Create themed products and services

Whether your business is retail or service-based, offer a range of Easter-themed products or services. By creating one-off Easter promotions, you’ll be building a sense of urgency for customers to buy from you before the deal is over. If you’re service-based, it’s also worth offering a tangible gift or some sort. For example, if you’re a masseuse, perhaps you can provide customers with a free Easter-themed gift basket with the purchase of a gift certificate—your customers will appreciate you going that extra mile.


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By Andrew Patricio

April 02, 2014