Media Sharing Made Easy

A device designed by Verbatim is making media sharing easier than ever. The Verbatim MediaShare Wireless Portable Streaming Device allows multiple users to stream media to across multiple devices using a secure wireless network. Up to five devices can access content using the device at the same time.

With three teenagers, each with his or her own smartphone or tablet, it’s difficult to keep up with everyone’s media demands. That’s where the MediaShare Portable Streaming Devices comes in. This device allows you to plug in a USB device, external hard drive, or SD card and wirelessly share files with up to five devices. All five users can access different content simultaneously. Not only does this make the Verbatim MediaShare ideal for the house, it also makes it a great companion on family vacations. Having the whole family in the car or on a flight, for example, is much easier when we can all access our video and music. The device also allows us to wirelessly upload and download data using our devices. Content can be uploaded, downloaded, and streamed at the same time.

It’s also a great device to bring on the road with me when I travel. It’s nice and compact so it’s easy to throw into my laptop bag and take along on business trips. Not only does it make it easy to access all my files while I’m traveling, it also allows me to set up a makeshift office in my hotel room where I can access all my files and media. It’s easy to get to all my files using both iOS and Android devices with the file manager mobile apps. I don’t have to worry about it running out of space either, because I can easily expand it using an SD card or external hard drive. The best part about traveling with this device is that it acts as an additional battery charger for my smartphone or tablet. If I’m running low on juice while I’m on the go, I can just plug into the MediaShare for a top up. It has up 9 hours of battery life.

In the face of increasing data theft, I’m always concerned about protecting my family’s privacy and data. With the Verbatim MediaShare, I can set a password so that any data accessed through the device is protected. It also protects us from data loss because it can be used to perform wireless backups of our devices. I can simply plug an external hard drive into the MediaShare and perform the backups of our devices without having to connect them.

Of course, the device also comes in handy in office and school settings, allowing people to collaborate by accessing the same files on the device.

The Verbatim MediaShare Wireless Streaming Device makes sharing media easy and convenient in and setting. At $69.99 it’s definitely worth the price!

By Mike Agerbo

January 14, 2014